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The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight...

Released on Anti- Records

Plunges into the wilderness of human experience, revealing Case at her most emotionally raw and yet, paradoxically, in steely control.

Full Description

Neko Case has always been brave, but with this album she proves herself fearless. On “The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You,” the singer known as much for her restless musical curiosity as her clarion voice charts a powerfully personal course across the rocky landscape of childhood, love, and loss.

Case’s 2009 album, “Middle Cyclone,” was her most ambitious to date, vaulting her to new heights of critical and commercial success and netting two Grammy nominations. But if Middle Cyclone—laced with frogs, tornados, and killer whales—was Case’s exploration of the potency of the natural world, the new album sees Case turning inward. “The Worse Things Get …” plunges into the wilderness of human experience, revealing Case at her most emotionally raw and yet, paradoxically, in steely control.

Executive produced by Case, “The Worse Things Get …” was recorded by Tucker Martine in Portland, Oregon, as well as with Chris Schultz and Craig Schumacher in Tucson and with Phil Palazzolo in Brooklyn.

Martine, Case, and Darryl Neudorf mixed the album, on which Case is supported by a battalion of musicians including guitarist Paul Rigby, bassist Tom V. Ray, longtime backing vocalist Kelly Hogan, multi-instrumentalist Jon Rauhouse, Kurt Dahle, and John Convertino.

Other guests include M. Ward, Carl Newman, Steve Turner, Howe Gelb, and members of My Morning Jacket, Los Lobos, and Visqueen.

Short Description
  • Tucks thrills into its margins and doles them out in time-release doses.

    — NPR's First Listen
  • An emotionally wrenching record throughout

    — Pitchfork
  • The vintage country sounds that carried some of her earlier albums have been downplayed as Case embraces indie rock, folk and ambient sounds.

    — Paste
  • ...a 12-track horn of plenty that taunts, comforts, bruises, and empowers, and like all of her previous offerings, rewards repeated spins with a multitude of riches. Her most vulnerable and permeable collection of songs to date, it's not quite Neko Case unchained, but it's certainly as emotionally raw as it is willfully enigmatic.


Track List

  • 1. Wild Creatures
  • 2. Night Still Comes
  • 3. Man
  • 4. I'm from Nowhere
  • 5. Bracing for Sunday
  • 6. Nearly Midnight, Honolulu
  • 7. Calling Cards
  • 8. City Swans
  • 9. Afraid
  • 10. Local Girl
  • 11. Where Did I Leave That Fire?
  • 12. Ragtime

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@ McDonald Theatre
Eugene, OR


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