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Side A: When I Die

Side B: John The Revelator (featuring Jesse Vain)

Limited Edition Record Store Day "Black Friday" release. 

Red vinyl (small hole)

Includes a download card with Biram songs spanning his whole Bloodshot career.

Scott H Biram When I Die-- 7" Single

BS 217 2013 $4.95

Available on BLACK FRIDAY (November29th--remember?  That's the day you push old ladies out of the way to get your hands on the last Tommy The Singing Tuna thingy to give as a heartfelt present...)

On sale at special Independent Retailers, and we've squirreled away a few for you die-hard Biram-heads.

It's a 2-sided teaser slab from his Feb 2014 album Nothin' But Blood.  Biram goes primal and spooky.  He digs deep with platinum and brimstone shovel and uncovers the spirits beneath it all.

But act fast....