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The Virginian

Originally released by Bloodshot in the US in 1998, it was re-released BY Mint Records in 2007.

DEBUT CD. Some writer sent us this CD from Canada and said "You should put this out!" After listening to it about 8400 times in office (over a two day period), we agreed.

Full Description

The Virginian drifts between country crying-towel balladry, spitfire rockabilly dirt-fights, and big-as-all-outdoors, bummer-pop grandeur. Neko sings with a breezy, buoyancy on covers of Ernest Tubb ("Thanks A Lot"), Queen ("Misfire"), the Everly Brothers (the INFECTIOUS "Bowling Green") and originals penned by a stable of pals known as The Boyfriends.

To get the obligatory name-checking out of the way, her Boyfriends include members of Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Smugglers, Zumpano, New Pornographers The Softies, and mucho more.

Short Description
  • Her vocal bitch-slap completely demands your attention. From the moment she parts her lips, Case is Jeannie C. Riley, Rose Maddox, and Mae West all rolled into one glorious gal.

    — New York Press
  • Comparing originals and covers becomes pointless in light of Case's voice, a soaring Brenda Lee-ish instrument, which makes every song sound like something on a Nashville jukebox circa 1967.

    — The Rocket

Track List

  • 1. Timber
  • 2. Bowling Green
  • 3. Jettison
  • 4. High on Cruel
  • 5. Karoline
  • 6. Lonely Old Lies
  • 7. Honky Tonk Hiccups
  • 8. The Virginian
  • 9. Duchess
  • 10. Thanks A Lot
  • 11. Somebody Led Me Away
  • 12. Misfire

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