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Don’t let the title fool you, this album is all original material: old school honky-tonk grooves, hum along roots/pop finger-snappers, bluegrass foot stomps, and some genuinely hi-larious novelties.

Full Description

Don’t let the title fool you (we all know what a smart-ass Robbie can be), this was all unreleased material!!! Some of it was old, some of it was new, some of it was borrowed, and some of it was blue (if you know what we mean). There are brand new songs (recorded with Steve Albini), a demo or two, a couple of live cuts, some soundtrack weirdness, a couple of things left off his first two Bloodshot albums, and a killer duet with Kelly Willis ("Parallel Bars").

This album is yet another example of Robbie's freakish dexterity with all manners of musical styles.  "Jean Arthur" and "That Bangle Girl" (a love song to Susanna Hoffs and about the catchy as they come) are sunny, country-inflected power pop, and "Sleeping on the Job of Love" and "May the Best Man Win" hit the honky tonk sweet spot of ace-in-the-hole musicianship and wicked-smart lyricism.   And "Love Ain't Nothin'" ("they say love's for the stupid and the poor…"), well, what can we add to that?

Features appearances from most of Robbie's favorite co-horts including The Skeletons and bluegrass icons Special Consensus, and some homey cover art by Chicago's own country music cartoonist, Heather McAdams.

Worth the price of admission for Robbie's liner notes ALONE!!!

Sleeping On The Job of Love
Roots Rock Weirdos
Parallel Bars
That Bangle Girl


Short Description
  • With genuine bluegrass, thumping honky-tonk, and sunny pop, it is high-spirited affection, not dreary reverence to tradition that sets the tone on this disc. Robbie Fulks is one rare, delightful dude.

    — Request
  • Rarely has there been a record in music history that is so sure of itself, and so careless about what people might think of it. Mainstream success may still not come to Fulks, but it wouldn't be for want of good, truly original work.

    — Big O Magazine
  • Eschewing the hum-strum of postpunk alt-contrarians, he lights out for his own peculiar truck stop, one where They Might Be Giants might pick up the tab for Johnny Paycheck.

    — City Pages
  • It's a welcome return for a singer-songwriter equally conversant in the music of country's golden age and the savage wit of Elvis Costello and Randy Newman.

    — Onion AV Club
  • Fulks stares bad taste in the kisser and rubs his palms with glee, bringing welcome doses of humor, sarcasm and rock 'n' roll exuberance to the various traditions he so casually but perceptively subverts: rockabilly, co-ed honky-tonk duets and suicidal she-done-me-wrong ballads.  Today's singer-songwriters don't come much better.

    — Chicago Reader

Track List

  • 1. Jean Arthur
  • 2. Sleepin' on the Job of Love
  • 3. Roots Rock Weirdos
  • 4. May the Best Man Win
  • 5. Hamilton County Breakdown
  • 6. Gravid and Tense
  • 7. Parallel Bars (duet w/ Kelly Willis)
  • 8. Love Ain't Nothin'
  • 9. I Just Want to Meet the Man
  • 10. Wedding of the Bugs [live]
  • 11. You Break it, You Pay
  • 12. White Man's Bourbon
  • 13. That Bangle Girl
  • 14. Jello Goodbye



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