Value of Nothing
| BS 204

The Value of Nothing



From the front man of The Supersuckers, a genre-scoffing dose of snarling country rock, full of pop hooks and wiseguy humor delivered with a brain, a heart, & a beer.

Full Description

Recorded in Eddie’s surrogate hometown of Austin, TX, he employed the assistance of a genuine Texas badass, one Mr. Jesse Dayton (collaborator with such country legends as Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and, um, Rob Zombie), in the hopes of making a more authentic country record. Well, ol’ JD thought that working with Eddie was his opportunity to get his RAWK on, so The Value of Nothing ended up a hybrid: a ragtop-down road trip soundtrack; an album embracing the guilty and not-so-guilty pleasures of classic rock, hooky-as-hell Texas roadhouse, and the always lurking- on-the-corner-barstool dirty joking of classic Supersuckerism.

The Value of Nothing gallops out of the gate with the Southwestern-inflected title track, all wide-lens spaced-out cowpunk, Eddie’s gravel road vocals both urgent and laid back cool. “Empty” follows with classic rock power chords filtered through the haze hanging over his buddy Willie Nelson’s ranch. The ragged, lazy charm of “Waste of Time” is a paean to kickin’ back, the theme song to those days where it’s almost too much goddamn effort to get off the couch and get a beer, all sung with a crooked smile and topped with some wicked fried slide guitar. With the lighter-sparking final track, “When I Go, I’m Gone,” we hear a surprisingly subdued Eddie, a man confident in the power of his hooks.

It wouldn’t be an Eddie Spaghetti record, though, without some full-on wise-assery. “Fuckin’ with My Head” channels ‘77 era UK punk with its jittery energy and feels-so-good-to-shout-along chorus. And then there’s that Chuck Berry-gone-metal guitar solo by Jesse D... The swinging conjunto throwdown of “People Are Shit” tells it like we all know it is, but only Eddie’s got the stones to come right out and say it.

Short Description
  • It's in your face politically incorrect (and pretty funny) country rock that rocks to the point where you're subconsciously reaching for a beer and digging for the appropriate lie to tell that temporarily significant other lurking at the bar.

    — Ventura County Star
  • If Johnny Cash were still alive, there's a strong possibility he'd buy Eddie Spaghetti's new album The Value of Nothing.

  • ...approaches his rootsy solo project from the perspective of a punk rocker who grew up in a country town. The Value of Nothing shows off both influences plus all the wild-man energy of Spaghetti’s live shows.

    — CMT Edge
  • ... full of songs that pull from the best of everything Eddie Spaghetti has to offer…It reminds me of the solo albums Mike Ness of Social Distortion unleashed several years back.  Crank it loud, pop a cold beer and enjoy.

  • The Value of Nothing is a deep record chock-full of great music and a surprising depth that proves that even a funny guy can produce some great heart-felt music. It might not receive the accolades it deserves, but it's one of this year's musical surprises.

    — Big Takeover

Track List

  • 1. The Value of Nothing
  • 2. Empty
  • 3. If Anyone's Got The Balls
  • 4. Waste of Time
  • 5. You Get To Be My Age
  • 6. Fuckin' With My Head
  • 7. People Are Shit
  • 8. One Man Job
  • 9. I Got A Secret
  • 10. When I Go, I'm Gone


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