| BS 061

Twilight Laments for Lost Buckaroos

Special appearances by Jon LangfordRobbie Fulks, Andrew BirdFred Armisen (yes, that Fred Armisen), and Jane Baxter Miller.

Her languid, dreamy, smooth-as-honeyed whiskey voice will take you on a pleasing journey through the un-make believe lands of sorrow, betrayal, and emotional devastation.

Full Description

Backing Cowboy Sally on this album is an assortment of musicians that deliver the mood in spades. Anchored by the likes of Tom Ray (Devil in a WoodpilePine Valley Cosmonauts), John Herndon (Tortoise), and Jon Rauhouse (Neko CaseGrievous Angels), there’s also appearances by Jon Langford (Waco BrothersMekons), Robbie Fulks, Andrew Bird, Andon Davis (Riptones) Fred Armisen (yes, that Fred Armisen), Brett Sparks (Handsome Family) and Jane Baxter Miller.

There’s also songs by Jeff Tweedy ("When The Roses Bloom Again"), Jill Sobule ("Rock Me To Sleep"), , Robbie Fulks (the old-as-the-hills- sounding-folk "In Bristol Town One Bright Day")Johnny Cash ("Cry, Cry, Cry") and The Handsome Family ("Snowbird" and the devastingly beautiful "The Sad Milkman").

So, our restless charges, lete Sally lead you up those wooden stairs and watch over you while you dream...or try to.

Dreaming Cowboy
The Sad Milkman
In Bristol Town One Bright Day
Rock Me To Sleep

Short Description
  • The perfect soundtrack for the waning millennium, a sad, dreamy opiate of a record guaranteed to leave you swooning in a Swinburnian ecstasy.

    — Riverfront Times
  • Celebrates the long tradition of singer as stylist…the ethereal sweetness of her tone is cut with the hint of some unbearable sadness that words alone could never convey.

    — Chicago Reader
  • Her voice never sounded better. It's dreamy, angelic, and totally guileless.

    — Pitchfork
  • She melts the ice with trad-country music gentle enough for lullabies and lyrics odd enough for the Brothers Grimm.

    — CMJ New Music
  • Timms blends rapture and disenchantment in a way that recalls those old cliches about why caged birds sing. Her voice, a secretive murmur refined by her native English accent, is the stuff of lullabies. But her knowing stance pulls back from that intimacy with a sweet sadness.

    — New York Times

Track List

    1. Howdy Folks & Gather Round [Intro]
    2. Dreaming Cowboy
    3. The Sad Milkman
    4. Dark Sun
    5. In Bristol Town One Bright Day
    6. Sweetheart Waltz
    7. Snowbird
    8. Cry Cry Cry
    9. When the Roses Bloom Again
    10. Cancion Para Mi Padre
    11. Rock Me To Sleep
    12. Goodnight Cowboy Sally [outro]


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