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  1. Pass the Chutney
  2. Loved on Look
  3. Empty the Chamber
  4. The Last of the Good
  5. FLASH [MP3]
  6. The Creepy Butler
  7. One Million Songs [MP3]
  8. 120 Miles per Hour
  9. Mother of Earth
  10. Ridge Runner Rag
  11. Wasn't Born to Follow
  12. Ridge Runner Reel
  13. Before I Wake

"Tremendous Efforts is a party, filled with ripping guitars and a zealous spirit that will peel the velvet off your 3-D Zodiac posters." Magnet

"If the Sadies wanted to, they could be an ass-kickin' country band, a first rate surf outfit, a cool cover act, or a rockin' instrumental combo. Instead they choose to be all of the above on this refreshingly original album." Billboard Magazine

The Sadies Tremendous Efforts

BS 070 2001 $7.95
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Remember when you always got picked last for teams in school and it seemed like that hot shot kid who always got picked first never failed to win the game by beating you? Oh how you wanted to get the best of that kid. Just once, you thought, I'm gonna do it. But you never did. Why? Because that kid was clearly better than you. He had the advantage of skills, genes, tough older brother, whatever. You couldn't beat him. The best thing you could do was try and be his friend. Maybe when he was captain he'd feel sorry for you and give you the nod.

Tremendous Efforts, the Sadies third album is kind of like that. It gets all the chicks with hot guitar playing and dangerous attitude. Dudes at the bar are buying it beer because they have been rocked sufficiently by the garage-punk meets western-movie soundtrack with a new found fondness for hefty doses of psychedelia and SoCal country. Then, when it speeds away off to the next gig in the coolest car ever you are just hoping to get a ride.

Features appearances from the Good Family and members of Blue Rodeo.

"It's not necessarily the ingredients in the Sadies' psychedelic country stew that makes this disc 35 minutes of intrigue. It's the raw, feverish, sometimes silly and sometimes scary garage-rockin' energy that guitar-playing and singing brothers Travis and Dallas Good, drummer Mike Belitsky and bass player Sean Dean bring to the mix." —CMJ New Music Monthly



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