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A-Town Blues

Who will like A-Town Blues? Let's hear it in Wayne's own words: "If you like music that moves and the trash on the radio can't satisfy your wanderlust then try this album and burn a thousand miles."

One of the most instantly identifiable voices in roots music wraps it around whacked-out hillbilly barn-burners, dusty desert ballads, and Hank Williams-meets-George Gershwin dance floor warmers

Full Description

The "Train's" first album for his longtime fans at Bloodshot.  

Produced by Lloyd Maines (Wilco, Richard Buckner, Joe Ely), A-Town Blues is loose and live, baby. Cut in 20 hours and mixed in two days--no trickery or effects, just the finely honed chops of a band that’s been known to play 200+ dates a year.  Pedal steel, guitars, and buckhouse bass--that’s it. 

They swing through a set of songs that reflect Wayne's scorn for the soulless, pocketbook-driven sounds that ooze out of Nashville; songs that reminisc e about old friends and family; songs that sing praises to the road ("Man of the Road," "Life's Lonesome Road") and songs that rue the hazards of hooch (the jumpy "Miller, Jack & Mad Dog," "A-Town Blues"). 

For covers, Wayne digs deep into the American music mists: Ella Mae Morse's "Cow Cow Boogie," a chugging version of Jimmie Rodgers' "California Blues" and Fats Waller's paeon to the magic herb "Viper."

A-Town Blues
Miller, Jack & Mad Dog
LIfe's Lonesome Road


Short Description
  • All the tracks are perfect embodiments of a classic American roots style, done with style and grace.

    — Chico News and Reviews
  • The common thread through all of the tracks on A-Town Blues is Hancock’s total commitment to the material. When this commitment is paired with the dynamism of his supporting musicians, it results in explosively good music.

    — PopMatters
  • Many of the acts that have been dubbed ‘Americana’ tend to be reverential and dry--not Wayne Hancock, who has a unique gift for taking moribund musical forms and making them spring to life.

    — Hear/Say
  • In the end, you don’t love Hancock because of past stars of whom he reminds you. You love him because you’d be a durn fool not to.

    — East Bay Express
  • There's two reasons you won't hear him on so-called country stations: he's too good and too uncompromising. In an earlier era, Hancock would have been a top honky-tonk star.

    — San Diego Union-Tribune

Track List

  • 1. A-Town Blues
  • 2. Man of the Road
  • 3. Sands of Time
  • 4. Miller, Jack & Mad Dog
  • 5. Track 49
  • 6. Life's Lonesome Road
  • 7. Cow Cow Boogie
  • 8. Route 23
  • 9. Happy Birthday Julie
  • 10. California Blues
  • 11. Every Time
  • 12. Viper
  • 13. We Three
  • 14. Railroad Blues


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