Til Things Are Brighter Johnny Cash Jon Langford
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Til Things Are Brighter: A Tribute to Johnny Cash

These are signed, unplayed mint condition LPs, which were found recently in a storage space in Wetherby Yorkshire by Jon's cousin Fred


Full Description

The album was originally released in 1988 to benefit the Terence Higgins Trust.

In the late 80's after a decade in the commercial wilderness Johnny Cash started to come back into fashion. A younger generation began to channel and champion his music.

In 2014 Graeme Thompson wrote in UNCUT magazine: A scene from Johnny Cash's weird '80s. Backstage at the Royal Albert Hall on May 13, 1989, the Man in Black is being interviewed by the BBC. In his hands he clutches an album by a bunch of "young folks" he has never heard of: Pete Shelley, The Mekons, members of the Triffids, Microdisney and That Petrol Emotion. He holds the sleeve up to the camera and begins to recite names:"Michelle Schocked, Tracey and Melissa from Voice of the Beehive. Mary Mary from the Gaye Bykers on Acid..." At Cash's lowest ebb, such endorsements made explicit his longstanding outsider credentials.

They were reinforced by the 1988 tribute album, Til Things are Brighter; put together by Jon Langford and ex-Fall guitarist Marc Riley. "People didn't really get that Cash was a serious artist," says Langford. "They thought we were indulging in a bit of kitsch, but these were great songs. The album was like a pre-echo of his later stature, demonstrating that he wasn't forgotten and hadn't gone off to Vegas. There was an artist in there who was troubled by complacency. I think we managed to stir up a bit of interest about him. He told us it was a morale booster."

When Langford and Riley caught up with Cash after a London show in 1989 they told him they were throwing a release party at the Old Pied Bull pub in Islington the following week. "He said, ' I wish I'd known, June and I would have stayed over a few days longer. He'd have done it, too. Sharing a dressing room with Frank Sidebottom..."

Rosanne Cash: "He loved that album. He felt a real connection with those musicians, he felt very validated. He absolutely understood what they were tapping into and it was re-energising for him."


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Track List

ONE PIECE AT A TIME (Michelle Shocked)
I WALK THE LINE (Stephen Mallinder-Cabaret Voltaire)
ROSANNA'S GOIN' WILD (Steve Mack-That Petrol Emotion)
CRY, CRY CRY (Sally Timms-Mekons)
COUNTRY BOY (David McComb-The Triffids)
WANTED MAN (Marc Riley-The Fall)

STRAIGHT A'S IN LOVE (Peter Shelley-Buzzcocks)
RING OF FIRE (Cathal Coughlan-Microdisney)
FIVE FEET HIGH AND RISIN' (Tracey and Melissa Beehive)
HOME OF THE BLUES (Brendan Croker-Mekons)
BOY NAMED SUE (Mary Mary-Gaye Bikers On Acid)
MAN IN BLACK (Marc Almond-Soft Cell)



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