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  1. My Backyard [MP3]
  2. Bottoms
  3. That's Alright [Fleetwood Mac cover]
  4. Revolver
  5. Tonight
  6. OK With Me
  7. Love Letters [made famous by Ketty Lester]
  8. Nightingale
  9. Down Here

"With repeated listening you'll find you'll understand that she's worthy of standing shoulder to shoulder with her labelmates Neko Case, Kelly Hogan, and Sally Timms." —Glorious Noise

Nora O'Connor Til the Dawn

BS 116 2004 $6.95
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For years around Chicago, Nora has been an in-demand hired assassin of singing to the hit-making hoi polloi, but here she scootches over just a little bit to center stage where she belongs.

This absolutely enchanting disc, her solo debut, features O'Connor-penned urban honky-tonk originals like "My Backyard," Blue Ridge mountain-style harmonizing on "Nightingale," SoCal-country flavor on the Fleetwood Mac cover "That's Alright," and truly uptown citified-soul on Ketty Lester's "Love Letters."

Helping her out in this endeavor (finding people willing to do favors for Nora is pretty easy) are some of Chicago's finest. Andrew Bird, Gerald O'Dowd (Robbie Fulks' drummer), Kelly Hogan, Grant Tye (Robbie's guitarist), Andy Hopkins, and Scott Ligon all add to the great karmic wheel that is the music family of Chicago and whose talents make this a sultry, alluring little record.

Til the Dawn has style and grit—and finally spotlights Nora's amazingly sweet, yet deliciously salty, beautiful soaring blackbird of a voice. Props are long overdue.

"O'Connor's first solo album is probably the most subtle, beautiful thingamajig Bloodshot has ever released." —Pitch

"Nora has a rich, soulful voice that evokes Patsy Cline's sweet dreams and Emmylou Haris and Gram Parson in their Fallen Angels days and showcases her natural beauty and charm." —New York Press

"Her first time taking the main stage is beautifully conceived and executed—it should appeal to anyone with a love of the folk-country hybrid dressed up with pop suss and rock n roll mean... it's infrequent that someone of this stature, range and quality brings out a debut so fully formed." —Americana UK

"A solo calling card that is almost startling in its assured delivery and freshness ... O'Connor exudes warmth, romance, and optimism and shines brightly from start to finish. 4 stars." —MOJO

"Her style evokes Patty Griffin and her effortless voice has an assurance and grace reminiscent of Emmylou Harris ... For those who appreciate a finely honed voice, this record is a must." —Venus

"It succeeds beyond words ... It is solid and versatile, as well as subtly yet disarmingly sexy." —PopMatters

"Proves she's a serious and talented frontperson ... Her emotional voice is light and airy but reveals a dusky jazzy undertone similar to a combination of Norah Jones, Rickie Lee Jones, and Lori Carson ... The band perfectly augments each cut, neither overplaying nor laying back. Sweet yet with a tangy aftertaste, O'Connor's record is a subtly sparking gem." —All Music Guide



2004 $6.95