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  1. Snake Oil Capital Of The World
  2. Long Emotional Ride
  3. Stop Cryin' About The Rain
  4. She Rocks Me
  5. Three Chords Good
  6. Old Soul
  7. A Lie Get Halfway 'Round The World
  8. That Moon Was Low
  9. Live In Shadows
  10. Arlington's Busy
  11. Coathangers
  12. Last Bookstore In Town

Interview with GP in the Wall St Journal about the recording, the Judd Apatow movie that precipitated it and some stories of the good ol' days.  GP rips Emerson Lake and Palmer a new one too!

Graham Parker Three Chords Good

PW 001 2012 $11.95

GP reunited with his original band the Rumour for their first album together in 31 years.

Produced by Dave Cook and Graham Parker, the collection's 12 original tracks of driving and confessional rock and roll were recorded in upstate New York and feature the classic Rumour line-up of Brinsley Schwarz and Martin Belmont on guitars, Steve Goulding (Waco Brothers) on drums, Andrew Bodnar on bass and Bob Andrews on keyboards.

''After a hiatus of over 30 years, it was extraordinary to hear the Rumour backing my material again,'' says Parker. ''We've finally made an album of true musical collaboration that we're all very proud of."