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  1. Intro
  2. Get The Hell
  3. Something About You
  4. Fuck Up
  5. High Tonight
  6. Pushin' Thru
  7. Never Let Me Down Again
  8. Gluttonous
  9. Disaster Bastard
  10. Bein' Bad
  11. That's What You Get For Thinkin'
  12. Shut Your Face
  13. Rock On

Released on Acetate Records

Bloodshot Drinking Buddies, Eddie Spaghetti SUPERSUCKERS --- "Get The Hell"

ATE 7048 2014 $11.95

The "Greatest Rock n' Roll Band in the World's" ninth studio album is a blistering return to their punk rock roots. Featuring 12 new soon-to-be Supersuckers classics, GET THE HELL is a tightly focused sonic assault of big riffs, catchy hooks and raw, balls-to-the-wall rock n' roll.

Recorded at Willie Nelson's famed Arlyn Studios in Austin, TX and mixed by Dwarves leader Blag Dahlia and Andy Carpenter, GET THE HELL conjures all the attitude of a band in it’s prime, kicking out snarling, anthemic choruses over head-bobbing chord progressions. From the opening track to the decay of the last chord, the Supersuckers deliver the goods, spinning tales of romantic debauchery (“High Tonight”), biblically proportioned excess (“Gluttonous”), hard-boiled obsession (“Something About You”) and the trials and tribulations of being a total fuck up (“Fuck Up”). Never one to shy away from a good (and completely unexpected) cover song, the ‘Suckers exhibit their sonic dominance tackling Gary Glitter’s “Rock On” and soft rockers Depeche Mode’s “Never Let Me Down Again”.



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