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Straight Outta Boone County

20 cover songs by an august group of hillbilly & bluegrass legends.

A solid sender tribute to The Boone County Jamboree.

Full Description

We gathered together 20 artists to cover songs by the King Records stable. On it, you'll hear contributions from The Volebeats, Flathead, Hazeldine, Robbie Fulks, The Lucky Stars, SlobberboneThe Grievous AngelsSally Timms, the legendary Hardrock Gunter w/ the Dalhart Imperials,Scroat Belly, The Cowslingers, Whiskeytown, The Handsome Family, The Riptones, the Waco Brothers and more

 A co-release with our buddies down at Shake It records in Cincinnati.

Short Description
  • Like any worthwhile homage, the artists showcased here succeed by evoking the humor and enthusiasm of the music they love rather than strictly emulating the original versions of these songs…There’s more here, lots more. Some you’ll like, some you won’t. What’s interesting is the breadth and depth of this compilation.

    — No Depression
  • The record is an all-night party, with moments when the whiskey hits everyone too hard.

    — Greil Marcus, Interview

Track List

  • 1. Hamtramck Mama (The Volebeats)
  • 2. Run Mountain (Flathead)
  • 3. I'm Lonesome Without You (Hazeldine)
  • 4. No Vacancy (Holler)
  • 5. Wedding of the Bugs (Robbie Fulks)
  • 6. No More Nuthin' (The Lucky Stars)
  • 7. Dark as a Dungeon (Slobberbone)
  • 8. Hangman's Boogie (Caution Horse)
  • 9. In the Jailhouse Now (The Grievous Angels)
  • 10. Southern Moon (One Riot One Ranger)
  • 11. Tennessee Waltz (Sally Timms)
  • 12. Won't You Ride in My Little Red Wagon (Hardrock Gunter w/the Dalhart Imperials)
  • 13. Why Don't You Haul off and Love Me (Scroat Belly)
  • 14. If I Lose (The Cowslingers)
  • 15. Bottom of the Glass (Whiskeytown)
  • 16. Barbara Allen (The Handsome Family)
  • 17. I Want to be Hugged to Death By You (Waycross)
  • 18. Hucklebuck (The Riptones)
  • 19. Big Big City (The Showofffs)
  • 20. Nine Pound Hammer (Waco Brothers)


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