| BS 035

Split Lip Rayfield


This DEBUT record contains some of the LIP's most explosive songs.

Full Description

Friends, Welcome to the Bluegrass Apocalypse. Split Lip Rayfield, with their banjo, acoustic guitar, stand-up bass and three part harmony attack arise out of the Kansas prairie with all the subtlety of a Class 4 twister. Maybe you're titillated by the prospect of a 3-piece acoustic outfit somehow managing to sound like the starting line of a Top Fuel Funny Car race. Lightning quick playing (but quality is NOT substituted for speed), romps about cars, trucks, pinball, girls, and coffee.

This DEBUT record contains some of the LIP's most explosive songs--like "San Antone" and "Outlaw"--the ones they pulled out at shows when they wanted to bump the crowd from complacent exultation to outright madness.

Short Description
  • Hyperspeed bluegrass rock with the roaring intensity of a still set to blaze...and enough sneering proclamations to make you lock up your daughters and hide your booze.

    — Austin Chronicle
  • Take a mix of the soulful nasality of Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass boys, the speedy aggression of a Metallica, and the rural realism of an Erskine Caldwell, and you're still a few notches short on the dangedest-thing-you-ever-heard scale.

    — Wichita Eagle

Track List

  • 1. Coffee
  • 2. Outlaw
  • 3. Long Haul
  • 4. Weekend
  • 5. Combine
  • 6. Barnburner
  • 7. Blue Tick Hound
  • 8. Sunshine
  • 9. Pinball Machine
  • 10. Judas
  • 11. Cutie Pie
  • 12. Flat Black Rag
  • 13. Freckle Faced Liza Jane
  • 14. No Idea
  • 15. San Antone
  • 16. Tiger in My Tank