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The Spectacular Sadness of....

Songs of emotional wreckage done in the key of Bakersfield. Some of the best COUNTRY songwriting we've heard since the days of Johnny Paycheck and Charlie Walker. We mean it, man.

Full Description

. Classic honky-tonk stylings and instrumentation provide the foundations for Rex's writing, some of the best COUNTRY songwriting that we've heard since the days of Johnny Paycheck and Charlie Walker. We mean it, man.

You'd have to walk through three pairs of boots before you'd come across someone who better captures the wonderful cruelty that love heaps upon us everyday. They can smoke up the dance floor, too. So if you've ever woken up wondering why she left, why that 800-pound weight just won't budge from your pale sunken chest and why you can't seem to find the energy to toss yourself in the river, Rex Hobart & The Misery Boys will speak to you.


Bridge Burners Union
I’m Not Drunk Enough
Let’s Keep Lying Here

Short Description
  • Listening to the whole album straight through is not recommended for anyone spending the holidays alone, but for the heartfelt pain you can two-step to, these tunes could make you feel real good about feeling bad

    — LA Daily News
  • Rex displays the songwriting abilities of a barstool bard with a Ph.D. in hardcore country... and Solomon Hofer’s pedal steel work alone is worth the price of admission

    — Time Out
  • Rex Hobart sings straightforward honky-tonk country that Buck Owens wouldn't disdain, with precise wordplay ('I'll Forget Her or Die Crying'), twang-happy tunes and enough self-pity to keep the bartender pouring.

    — New York Times

Track List

  • 1. Forever Always Ends
  • 2. Here Comes Nothing
  • 3. The One & Only You
  • 4. Bridge Burners Union (Local 36)
  • 5. I'm Not Drunk Enough
  • 6. I'll Forget Her or Die Crying
  • 7. 'Til My Teardrops Turn to Gold
  • 8. Barstow Barstool
  • 9. It's My Turn
  • 10. Alone With You
  • 11. Let's Keep Lying Here
  • 12. I Never Believed You Anyway



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