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  1. High As You Can Be
  2. Beer
  3. Blade of Grass
  4. Take the Heat
  5. Winning the War on Drugs
  6. Wake and Bake
  7. [Interlude]
  8. Knock Myself Out
  9. Amsterdam
  10. Pakalolo Baby
  11. Gettin' High
  12. It's Dry Down Here
  13. Orion

Asylum Street Spankers Spanker Madness

BS 701 2001 $6.50

Inspired by a trip to Amsterdam, the fourth album from Austin's riotous contemporary vaudeville ensemble chronicles the ups and downs of the high life. With a repertoire that has always included a mess of old reefer and drug tunes, it's a surprise it took them so long to put it on wax.

Spanker Madness successfully captures the Spanker's wild abandon as well as their rapturous intimacy. Swaying and swaggering through woozy jazz, galloping country, wistful ragtime, martial blues, Hawaiian bliss and a couple of genres apparently invented during the sessions. You'll hear fiddles, harmonicas, saws, banjos and an astounding array of guitars and voices weaving over and around one another. The Spankers succeed at bringing grace to even the most chaotic instrumental interplay. Get spanked!



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