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  1. One, Two
  2. Steel Guitar Rag
  3. South
  4. Topeka Polka
  5. Down Home Rag
  6. Honey Rag (vocals by Tex Williams)
  7. Oklahoma Stomp
  8. One Sweet Letter From You (vocals by Tex Williams)
  9. Yodeling Polka
  10. Forgive Me One More Time (vocals by Tex Williams)
  11. Silver Bell
  12. I've Written So Many Times
  13. Swinging the Devil's Dream
  14. The Trouble With Me (vocals by Tex Williams)
  15. Cowbell Polka
  16. Better Do It Now (vocals by Tex Williams) [MP3]
  17. Rochester Schottische
  18. There Is No Sunshine (vocals by Tex Williams)
  19. I Found a New Baby
  20. Stay Away from My Heart (vocals by Tex Williams)
  21. Copenhagen
  22. Then You'll Know What it Means to be Blue (vocals by Tex Williams)
  23. Corrine, Corrina
  24. Shame on You (vocals by Tex Williams)
  25. Sign off



Bloodshot Revival Spade Cooley: Shame On You

BS 802 1999
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Also available on cassette for only $2.00 here or as part of the Cassette Bargain 3 Pack here.

Shame On You contains never released recordings of Spade, the King of Western Swing, and his band; some are so rare that in many cases they are the only recorded versions of the songs. Recorded over 1944 and 1945, they feature the vocal talents of Tex Williams (who went on to solo fame behind songs like "Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! That Cigarette!") and showcase Spade and Tex at the height of their collaborative efforts. 25 tracks!

"With a style that menaces charms and makes you want to move all at the same time, Cooley and the Western Swing Gang deserve wider appreciation. This disc shows Cooley at his prime--a time well before he ended up in the big house for offing his spouse and dead of a heart attack at age 59." —Time Out New York

"There have been quite a few Spade Cooley reissues in recent years, but I haven't found any I like better than this one. What makes this CD so special? It's a combination of factors: the song selection (including a good balance between vocals and instrumentals), sound quality, and rarity. An excellent package." —Western Music Advocate



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