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The Forest Part 1
The Forest Part 2
The Forest Part 3
Law-Abiding Citizen
Two of Every Kind
Black Gold
Easier Said Than Done

Quest for Noah's Art
Preparing for the Flood
Sea of Galilee
From the Roots of the Mountains to Your Holy Temple

"It's a unifying sound that is unmistakable and bold, while remaining loose as a beautiful kiss that couldn't have been prepared for. Almost without noticing it, they sing and play and you feel warmer, as if someone special to you has found you and wrapped a reassuring hug around you, with just the exact amount of grip and softness. It lasts through to the time when they let themselves ring off into the distance, slamming the sound like echoes off the surroundings. Those echoes ripple and flame and the shadows retreat just a little bit." -- Daytrotter

Misra Records SOUTHEAST ENGINE --- "From The Forest To The Sea"

MSR 053 2009 $9.95
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From Paste Magazine:

Spooky, timeless Americana

"Maybe it’s because they’re from the other Athens—the one in Ohio—that Southeast Engine’s fourth album sounds so out of time, and so removed from current musical fads and trends. The freak-folk tendencies, biblical allusions and poetic nature imagery could have originated in 2009, 1969 or 1869, for that matter. Musically, lead singer/songwriter Adam Remnant’s cracked tenor and the heavily reverbed organ work suggest Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy fronting Elvis Costello’s Attractions. But the songwriting—starting with a 10-minute three-part suite featuring dancing ghost maidens, a shimmering white dress that floats on air, and what sounds like a mystical vision of heaven and the hand of the Almighty reaching down from the clouds—is what ultimately wins me over. Remnant’s vision is so utterly singular, weird and compelling that you’ll stick around for this mapless journey. God only knows where they’re going, but being lost is most of the fun."

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