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  1. When Pay Day Rolls Around [MP3]
  2. Sagebrush Symphony
  3. Song of the Bandit
  4. Ne-Ha-Nee
  5. The Howlin' Pup
  6. Rocky Mountain Express
  7. One More Ride
  8. So Long to the Red River Valley
  9. Coyote Serenade
  10. South in My Soul
  11. Cool Water
  12. Rainbow Over the Range
  13. Happy Cowboy
  14. The Texas Crapshooter
  15. At the Old Barn Dance
  16. Move Along You Lazy Cattle
  17. Swingin' the Bow
  18. Whoopee Ti Yi Yo [MP3]
  19. Jubilation Jamboree
  20. Bound for the Rio Grande
  21. Cactus Swing
  22. Ridin' Down the Canyon
  23. Saddle Your Worries to the Wind
  24. Cajon Stomp
  25. Trail Dreamin'

Bloodshot Revival Sons of the Pioneers: Symphonies of the Sage

BS 808 2001 $9.50
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Also available on cassette for only $2.00 here or as part of the Cassette Bargain 3 Pack here.

The Sons of the Pioneers were in prime form during 1941, when they were artists in residence for the WLS powerhouse in Chicago. During their time in the Windy City, the Pioneers made a series of studio recordings that were never released commercially and thought to be lost until now.

Thankfully, we unearthed Symphonies of the Sage and are pleased to offer it for the first time ever. With 25 tracks, it offers an abundance of fine music, including renditions of Pioneers classics such as "Cool Water," romanticized portrayals of the West, sagebrush humor and rollicking instrumentals. With great historical liner notes, you're bound to enjoy the musical diversity of the greatest Western group of all time.



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