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  1. The Beat Goes On
  2. This Town
  3. Diamonds And Gold
  4. Folsom Prison
  5. Storm Warning
  6. Hey Bulldog
  7. Some Velvet Morning
  8. This Little Light of Mine
  9. Paint It Black
  10. Is That All There Is?
  11. I Often Dream Of Trains

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"The cover tunes on the compellingly original Songs We Should Have Written
range all over the map, from the Beatles' "Hey Bulldog" (with more punch and
aggression than the original) to Sonny and Cher's "The Beat Goes On" and
Robyn Hitchcock's "I Often Dream of Trains." Songs by Tom Waits, Johnny Cash
and Lee Hazlewood are also on the wish list."--Trouser Press


Firewater Songs We Should Have Written

BS 710 2004 $8.95
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Long out of print Firewater catalog  re-issued !

"Finally, a covers album worth listening to." --Alternative Press

"The band is never timid in their approach, and the record as a whole is a heartening loveletter to the icons who helped shape Firewater's rowdy and eclectic sound." --SPIN

An homage to a collection of songs that, in one way or another, dented Firewater main man Tod A's brain.

Liner notes include commentary by Tod explaining why he was drawn to all these tunes.

You'll be surprised at what the band does to these selections, some well known others not soo much (like "Paint It Black" being turned into creepy crawly raga or the sunny pop of Sonny and Cher's "The Beat Goes On" turning ominious and, weirdly, way more gratifying).  Some daring and inventive deconstruction and reassembling



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