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  1. Vanity Press
  2. Bad Chardonnay [MP3]
  3. She Swallows It
  4. Chloroform
  5. Evil
  6. Dislocated Life
  7. Suck 'N' Blow
  8. There's Nothing On the Radio [MP3]
  9. Ambivalent
  10. Go Little Jimmy
  11. Local Boys
  12. Did Everybody Just Get Old?


When asked to proffer an opinion of their collective efforts, GP was heard to say "this record rocks like safari park chimp."

We couldn't agree more.


"Tenacious and unrepentant, Songs of No Consequence confirms GP as essential as ever." —Amplifier

Graham Parker Songs of No Consequence

BS 123 2005 $6.49
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Rock and Roll is about a lot of things: looks, attitude, girls, rebellion, love, hate, and girls. At the end of the day, the week, the year, the decade, though, what makes it memorable, what pile drives it into your DNA, is THE HOOK. The Hook grabs your brain and your feet and your gut and will not let go. It is timeless and fond of showing itself at times both perfect and distinctly inappropriate. Few have been better over the past 30 years at crafting truly irresistible hooks than Graham Parker and this CD has more good ones than a Sugar Ray Leonard fight.

Songs of No Consequence continues GP’s run as one of Rock and Roll’s legendary figures. His pen is as sharp as ever (long known as one of the most literate, biting writers ever to ply the trade), as is his effortless coupling of punk’s energy and American R&B and soul’s swagger. Joining him on this go round are The Figgs, who also recorded with him on the live LP The Last Rock and Roll Tour and bring a solid eight-ball-in-the-hip-pocket barroom strut to GP's consummate songcraft.

GP had been threatening to use The Figgs on a studio record for some time, and, finally, some songs that were waiting around for the right situation to present themselves found kindred spirits in the bands’ talents. The whole enchilada was whipped out in nine panicky days, a testimony to their no-nonsense hard work ethic and under-appreciated skills as musicians and arrangers.

"Parker's biting wordplay and adenoidal delivery are once again carried along by smart, edgy pop-rock. By all rights, Parker—who can legitimately claim artists such as Elvis Costello and John Hiatt as his peers—should be bigger." —The Stranger

"His work remains ferociously literate. Songs ... offers an orgy of clever wordplay, stinging put downs and sudden bursts of sublime tenderness. Some cuts rival Dylan for existential humor and exasperation." —New York Daily News

"Parker can still channel his youthful indignation into sharp shocks to the system—literate songs that dissolve bitterness into sweet melodies. In fact, the snarling tracks on this, his 19th album—including the anti-media rant 'Vanity Press'—are not far removed from the glory days of the renowned rocker's mid-70s work. In other words, don't take the CD title literally." —Entertainment Weekly

"Apparently, GP was only teasing with [2004's] Your Country. Yes, it was his best record in years, but it wasn't half as good as this one. Songs of No Consequence is a spectacular return to form by one of the world's greatest rock performers." —Riverfront Times