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  1. Horses [MP3]
  2. Watching the Horizon
  3. Anything Can Happen
  4. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
  5. I Picked Up the Pieces
  6. Dark Sun
  7. Down from Dover
  8. Joshua Gone Barbados
  9. Blessings
  10. Hank Signs His Contract
  11. Randwick Blues
  12. Blow the Man Down

This album is out of print and available only as a digital download.

Sally Timms Songs of False Hope & High Values EP

BS 072 2000
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You may know Sally Timms and Jon Langford from their decades-long stint in the ongoing punk/art experiment The Mekons, Jon's leadership role in the country mayhemists the Waco Brothers, or Sally's country chanteuse alter-ego Cowboy Sally. We suppose there's a chance you may not know them at all.

Here's your chance to hear them together. This was originally released as a numbered Limited Edition (2000 copies!) eight-song EP in a special paperboard sleeve with cover art by Jon Langford himself. Once these sold out, people started pestering us for more. Then, our friends in Australia did the work for us and re-released the CD with four newly recorded songs, put it in a jewel case, added some more artwork, and slathered it with vegemite. Then that one sold out, too.

Songs of False Hope & High Values
has a stripped-down, but not sparse, campfire feel full of jaunty and crushing songs of hope, desperation and heartbreak. It's a couple of wide-eyed Brits wandering through the vast expanses of America soaking in all the grand myths, disappointments and shattered plans that have become part of the roadside scenery. It's also STAR TIME for Sally as she sings you to the deep sleep on her version of Willie Nelson's "Blue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain."



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