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Something's Wrong/Lost Forever


Biram throws down some feral, amped-up Delta blues just as easily as stone cold country weepers that'll get the girls all dewy-eyed with faith and desire, and even some heavy metal field hollers—with the emphasis on holler.

Full Description

Performed, recorded and produced by Scott hisself, with the notable exception of the punked-out Big Bill Broonzy tune "I Feel So Good" done with blues punk duo the Black Diamond HeaviesSomething's Wrong/Lost Forever is a record rife with testifying and torment. The grungy strut of "Time Flies" and the Waylon-worthy lament of the now classic "Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue" shows that real pathos lurks beneath the brim of Scott's trucker cap, while the two-step rant of "Judgment Day" has him at his wide-eyed best. Check out the way he draws a line in piss and whiskey from the sweaty heaviness of the Delta and to dudes throwing devil horns at a metal concert in "Hard Time," or the eerie, on-his-knees lament sung with maximum distortion on Leadbelly's "Go Down Ol' Hannah." 


Short Description
  • times a harrowing jukebox collection of bleary-eyed country, penitentiary blues, and bleak gospel redemption that marks his strongest work to date.

    — Austin Chronicle
  • The one-man band is a tour-de-force of gutbucket guitar squabble, vocals so feral they'll make you lock your doors at night, and a live set that goes down like a cocktail of whiskey, amphetamines and black-humored despair.

    — Los Angeles Times
  • Biram uses his guitar and voice as if he's trying to scrape the last remaining bits of dead flesh off an animal carcass. His raucous blend of psychobilly, blues, country, metal and rock suggests and inner starvation for true expression and honesty that, frankly, should lead you to question the conviction of everyone you've ever seen set foot on a stage.

    — Houston Press
  • Biram's secret specialty: down-on-your-luck rubberneck-ability... and Biram's lonesome soul approaches the authenticity of the Black Keys/Dan Auerbach.

    — Austin Chronicle
  • If one could transform the latent energy emanating from the iconic Johnny Cash "flippin' the bird" photograph into sound, it would come out something like Biram's more righteously angry material. In Biram's world where country/blues/gospel meets punk, telling the world to fuck off comes as naturally as warning someone off the Devil.

    — Blurt
  • Everything veers quickly towards the outside lane and stays there. Biram likes the rough stuff, his vocals all scruffed up and sounding like he's been on a week-long jag through the back alleys and barrooms. His songs focus in on fighters, survivors, losers and those who just will not give up...and be assured he's playing for keeps. And has the guts to back it up.

    — Sonic Boomers

Track List

  • 1. Hospital Escape
  • 2. Time Flies
  • 3. Sinkin' Down
  • 4. Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue
  • 5. Ain't It A Shame
  • 6. Judgement Day
  • 7. Draggin' Down The Line
  • 8. I Feel So Good
  • 9. Wildside
  • 10. Hard Time
  • 11. The Wishing Well
  • 12. Go Down Ol' Hannah


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