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  1. Burr Under My Saddle
  2. Look On Your Face [MP3]
  3. Liquor Store
  4. Rose-Colored Glasses
  5. I Got Wise
  6. 666 Pack
  7. Hot Blooded
  8. Don't Be Sorry
  9. Fist City
  10. Don't You Want Me Baby
  11. Circle Sky
  12. Hanged Man [MP3]
  13. Snow in the Door
  14. Plates a'Spinnin

"What?!?! Drums and electric guitars on a Meat Purveyors album? 'Blasphemy!' you say? Well, blasphemy is nothing new to the Meat Purveyors, and rest assured that—despite the presence of said tools of the Devil—they're up to the same old tricks: whip-smart, sharp-tongued songwriting, a taste for offbeat covers, and an approach to bluegrass instrumentation that crosses the line into punk rock fervor." —All Music Guide

"Frontperson Jo Walston finds the emotional catch in her voice that makes her a true C&W chanteuse. Really something to grow on, Someday Soon Things Will Be Much Worse! is the Meat Purveyors best album so far." —High Bias

The Meat Purveyors Someday Soon Things Will Be Much Worse!

BS 130 2006 $5.95
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Besides being the most predictably correct album title of all time, Someday Soon Things Will Be Much Worse!, reveals that, after four albums, TMP still has some tricks to play on us all.

Yes, just when you think you've got a lead on their fifth gear punk/bluegrass hybrid; just when you got used to their fondness for reinventing arena rock staples (from the likes of Ratt!) as Opry-worthy weepers, and just when you learned to make for the exit when the bar owner says there's no more beer for the band, TMP lets it rip—ELECTRIC. Never before has the demon electricity reared its ugly head on one of their records, but Someday Soon plugs in for a few songs and adds another head to the TMP hydra.



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