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Someday Soon Things Will Be Much Worse!



Just when you learned to make for the exit when the bar owner says there's no more beer for the band, TMP lets it rip—ELECTRIC. Plus, it's got covers of Loretta Lyn AND Foreigner!

Full Description

Yes, just when you think you've got a lead on their fifth gear punk/bluegrass hybrid; just when you got used to their fondness for reinventing arena rock staples as Opry-worthy weepers,  or staid bluegrass standards into punk-fired romps, and just when you learned to make for the exit when the bar owner says there's no more beer for the band, TMP lets it rip—ELECTRIC. Never before has the demon electricity reared its ugly head on one of their records, but Someday Soon plugs in for a few songs and adds another head to the TMP hydra.

Never ones to shy away from seemingly incongruous and head-scratching covers, TMP dares you to tell 'em they can't be done.  Adding to their already significant catalog cache, they've added the Stanley Brothers ("I Got Wise"), Foreigner ("Hot Blooded"--that's right, m'fers, HOT BLOODED!), Loretta Lynn (the paeon to domestic bliss "Fist City"), the Monkees ("Circle Sky") and a little new wave action in the form of Human League ("Don't You Want Me Baby.")  That takes some serious stones to tackle that spectrum.  It's sure to have bluegrass purists shaking their canes at these upstarts.

But it's always been their original and super clever songwriting that keeps TMP above mere tomfoolery.  "Burr Under My Saddle,"  the anti-Bush lament "Look on Your Face," the boozy "666 Pack" and the ELECTRO-FIED TMP classic "Hanged Man" leave no doubt about that.

Sure, they've plugged in for a few, but that's just so's you can hear 'em over the breaking glass over by the bar.

Choice Cuts:
Look On Your Face
Liquor Store
Fist City
Hanged Man


Short Description
  • Next to the current crop of popular bluegrass bands, TMP might as well be inbred backwords monsters--exactly what bluegrass needs, considering the way it's been battered into a domesticated, suburbified shadow of its former self by soccer moms with Visa cards.

  • The plugged-in sound doesn't stray from their sound, it just reinforces the way TMP has been slamming the boundaries of bluegrass with a punk-rock drive for the past decade.

    — The Daily Texan
  • The Meat Purveyors self-medicate with strong whisky and strong tunes. You may want to do the same.

    — Riverfront Times
  • What?!?! Drums and electric guitars on a Meat Purveyors album? 'Blasphemy!' you say? Well, blasphemy is nothing new to the Meat Purveyors, and rest assured that—despite the presence of said tools of the Devil—they're up to the same old tricks: whip-smart, sharp-tongued songwriting, a taste for offbeat covers, and an approach to bluegrass instrumentation that crosses the line into punk rock fervor.

    — All Music Guide
  • Frontperson Jo Walston finds the emotional catch in her voice that makes her a true C&W chanteuse. Really something to grow on, Someday Soon Things Will Be Much Worse! is the Meat Purveyors best album so far.

    — High Bias

Track List

  • 1. Burr Under My Saddle
  • 2. Look On Your Face
  • 3. Liquor Store
  • 4. Rose-Colored Glasses
  • 5. I Got Wise
  • 6. 666 Pack
  • 7. Hot Blooded
  • 8. Don't Be Sorry
  • 9. Fist City
  • 10. Don't You Want Me Baby
  • 11. Circle Sky
  • 12. Hanged Man
  • 13. Snow in the Door
  • 14. Plates a'Spinnin


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