Scott H Biram Sold Out to the Devil Gospel Cuts Album Art
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Sold Out to the Devil: A Collection of Gospel Cuts by the Rev. Scott H. Biram

This album isn't available until November 22, 2019. You can still order it now, but your entire order won't prep for shipping until just before November 22nd.
You've been warned.

Limited edition, remastered collection of Scott H. Biram's unique, demented twist on gospel music, featuring a previously unreleased song and two songs that have never been on vinyl.

Limited to 1000 "I See the Light" White vinyl LPs, 1000 CDs. 

Bundle with the screen-printed poster. (If you want it rolled, not folded, go here.)

For our 25th anniversary, we summoned 10 songs from the good Rev. Biram's God-fearing side of his psyche. Includes unreleased and pre-Bloodshot material.
Stay on the side of the righteous and the raucous with this Sunday-morning-hurts-after-Saturday-night collection.

Full Description

Romans 12:15 - Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.

Known as The Dirty Ol’ One Man Band, Scott H. Biram has a deceiving penchant for songs about God, religion, and spirituality. (The guy survived being hit head-on by an 18-wheeler at 75 MPH, after all.) Each of his releases has incorporated music representing his religious fervor and appreciation for traditional Gospel music—just in some cases, Biram spins them in a perverse, hellbound way that only he can.

For our 25th anniversary, we summoned 10 songs from the Rev. Biram's God-fearing side of his psyche. The album includes a previously unreleased, and enrapturing, cover of the Louvin Brothers' "Broadminded," as well as the first vinyl pressing of "Get Me Religion (Preachin' the Blues)" and "God Don't Work (Like a Natural Man)," from Scott's self-released, pre-Bloodshot album Preachin' & Hollerin'. 

Short Description

Track List

  1. Get Me Religion (Preachin' the Blues)
  2. When I Die
  3. John the Revelator
  4. Been Down too Long
  5. True Religion
  6. Broadminded
  7. God Don't Work (Like a Natural Man)
  8. I See the Light/What's His Name?
  9. Gotta Get to Heaven
  10. Amazing Grace

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@ House of Blues San Diego
San Diego, California


@ The Belasco Theater
Los Angeles, California


@ The Filmore
San Francisco, California


@ Ace of Spades
Sacremento, California

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