Scott H Biram Sold Out to the Devil Gospel Cuts Album Art
| BS 276

Sold Out to the Devil: A Collection of Gospel Cuts by the Rev. Scott H. Biram

Limited edition, remastered collection of Scott H. Biram's unique, demented twist on gospel music, featuring a previously unreleased song and two songs that have never been on vinyl.

Limited to 1000 "I See the Light" White vinyl LPs, 1000 CDs. 

Bundle with the screen-printed poster. (If you want it rolled, not folded, go here.)

For our 25th anniversary, we summoned 10 songs from the good Rev. Biram's God-fearing side of his psyche. Includes unreleased and pre-Bloodshot material.
Stay on the side of the righteous and the raucous with this Sunday-morning-hurts-after-Saturday-night collection.

Full Description

Romans 12:15 - Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.

Known as The Dirty Ol’ One Man Band, Scott H. Biram has a deceiving penchant for songs about God, religion, and spirituality. (The guy survived being hit head-on by an 18-wheeler at 75 MPH, after all.) Each of his releases has incorporated music representing his religious fervor and appreciation for traditional Gospel music—just in some cases, Biram spins them in a perverse, hellbound way that only he can.

For our 25th anniversary, we summoned 10 songs from the Rev. Biram's God-fearing side of his psyche. The album includes a previously unreleased, and enrapturing, cover of the Louvin Brothers' "Broadminded," as well as the first vinyl pressing of "Get Me Religion (Preachin' the Blues)" and "God Don't Work (Like a Natural Man)," from Scott's self-released, pre-Bloodshot album Preachin' & Hollerin'. 

Short Description
  • Torn between sin and salvation, this set is baptized in gritty realism, spare instrumentation and bleak percussion, all elements of Biram’s uniquely addictive and persuasive—if also beaten and battered—sound.

    — Glide Magazine
  • It’s hard to imagine anybody bringing anything new to the table on this gospel standard, but Biram sings it like a man who has seen the other side and is truly amazed that he could be loved and saved. He means it, man.

    — Louder Than War
  • Will resonate with anyone who’s ever sat in a religious service feeling the judgment radiating off of the pulpit.

    — Glide Magazine
  • The all-day tent revival that you didn’t know you needed.

    — Americana Highways
  • Slow or fast, noisy or quiet, Biram puts everything he has into every track. And that sincerity is what makes these spiritual and spiritually-inspired songs so special.

    — Glide Magazine
  • This collection showcases Biram in his most magically confounding mode—a hell-bound holy-roller if ever there was one.

    — Americana Highways

Track List

  1. Get Me Religion (Preachin' the Blues)
  2. When I Die
  3. John the Revelator
  4. Been Down too Long
  5. True Religion
  6. Broadminded
  7. God Don't Work (Like a Natural Man)
  8. I See the Light/What's His Name?
  9. Gotta Get to Heaven
  10. Amazing Grace


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