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  1. Hundred Dollar Bill
  2. Truth & Lies
  3. Honestly
  4. Redneck Tailgate Dream [MP3]
  5. Promise Not to Tell
  6. A Little More Cocaine Please
  7. C'mon Get Your Gun
  8. Used To Be
  9. Lonely Man Blues
  10. Don't Believe That You're Someone
  11. Down South Sally
  12. Should Have Seen it Coming [MP3]
  13. Out of Time
  14. Union Man
  15. Lonesome Heart
  16. Just Like a Gillian Welch Song

"Bluegrass floats like a butterfly. Split Lip stings like a bee. The Kansas quartet speeds up the traditional country milieu with doses of metal and jam band influences." —Chicago Sun-Times

Split Lip Rayfield Should Have Seen It Coming

BS 113 2004
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On Should Have Seen It Coming, the Split Lip boys have traded up from their dirt-track hot rod to a machine that’s finely tuned, with high precision.

With this release, Split Lip Rayfield unveils their deepest, most universal record ever. After sharing stages with bands as diverse as Del McCoury, Leftover Salmon, Nashville Pussy and the Reverend Horton Heat, SLR has refined their sound. They can bring the hammer down for the metal headbangers, get their groove on for the dancing, twirling jam-lovers and astonish the traditional bluegrass establishment. They can break your heart with a relationship gone south slow burner like "Don't Believe that You're Someone" and then rip it up just as easily with free for alls like "Redneck Tailgate Dream." Split Lip Rayfield has true American appeal and staggering versatility. That’s the kind of “seen a million faces and rocked them all” experience that leaves countless new fans in their wake.

Here they break out, coming as close as ever to matching the intensity and variety of their legendary live shows. With tight four-part harmonies, power the likes of which you’d never expect from acoustic instruments, and songs that combine a world-view that’s equal parts Carter Family and “American Chopper,” Split Lip Rayfield stretches out their one-of-a-kind sound, borrowing from the bluegrass traditions of the hollers and backwoods and making it relevant for the flatlands, cities and backyards of the 21st Century.

"This bluegrass is less O Brother, Where Art Thou than a fast-paced punk-influenced mutation. Slap your knee to these guys and you'll be sore the next day." —New York Press

“A band of badasses with the avowed intent of kicking the oldtime sound in the posterior till it shouts out a brand new tune.” —CMJ New Music Report

"Their latest album is yet another earth-scorcher; Wayne Gottstine must have fireproofed his mandolin to prevent it from bursting into flames in the studio. But don't overlook the fine songwriting as it whizzes by." —The Stranger

"The band blazes through a frenzied, almost garage-rockin' blend of bluegrass, hillbilly and honky tonk songs about dead-end lives in dead-end towns." —San Francisco Gate

"The fearsome foursome of Split Lip combines a traditional bluegrass sound with the blazing speed and energy of punk rock, and in the process manages to improve on the formula. Should have Seen it Coming is quite possibly the best recorded document of its myriad skills and charm." —Tucson Weekly



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