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  1. I Can't Wait
  2. You're The Coliseum
  3. Mountain Laurel
  4. There's A Mark Where You Were Breathing
  5. Near A Garden

"Will Sheff, who acts the Lennon to Meiburg's McCartney. Both are the principles in Okkervil River as well as Shearwater, and both specialize in a brand of haunted, folksy, story-oriented rock that falls somewhere between the Shins' upbeat observations and Pinetop Seven's eerie Americana." --Pitchfork

Misra Records SHEARWATER --- "Thieves EP"

MSR 029 2005 $4.95
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"Little treasures are a great pleasure to those of us who seem to spend a large portion of our waking lives thinking about music. There’s something rather fulfilling about putting a great song from an EP on a mix tape/CD or playing it for a friend. Besides, with the full-length disappointments that always exist, how nice it is to put down just a little money for a mini-recording that turns out to be a legitimate find.

Shearwater’s five-song Thieves is one of those EPs

The players on this record—Kim Burke, Thor Harris, Howard Draper, Travis Weller, Scott Danbom—add an atmosphere that is accomlished and full-sounding. The music steals from British rock, chamber pop, country, and folk without losing its own singular identity. Thieves remains consistent and compelling thoughout, and is strong enough to convert a new listener into a Shearwater fan. Can one really ask for anything more from an EP?"



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