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  1. Aspidistra [MP3]
  2. This World Has No Place For Me
  3. Obsessions
  4. In Hospital [MP3]
  5. Pins and Needles
  6. I Never Thought I Could Feel This Way For A Boy
  7. Then And Not A Moment Before
  8. Broken Front Teeth
  9. Everything You Paid For

"Is the orchestral pop outfit from Chicago this year's Arcade Fire? It should be." —New York Newsday

The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir

BS 148 2007 $6.95
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On the group’s self-titled sophomore album (their first for Bloodshot) Scotland Yard Gospel Choir delivers songs that crackle with the sweeping intensity of life in its totality—songs that evoke the jubilation of an early spring as effortlessly as the desolation of a Chicago winter. Yet these are not precious mash notes from the Choir—ringleader Elia Einhorn might be armed with a pea coat of pop smarts and impeccable songcraft, but the lyrics come from a deceptively dark place. A drug dealer in his formative years, Elia experienced profound lows yet emerged with a set of songs that fearlessly and directly address his personal turmoil. Clear-eyed and self-aware, the lyrics portray the trauma of a youth spent recklessly. The songs on Scotland Yard Gospel Choir are disarmingly honest, with Elia examining issues of drug abuse, mental illness and sexual identity in a songwriting voice uniquely his own.

More than 50 musicians appear on Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, including core players Ellen O’Hayer (Bright Eyes), bassist and recording engineer Mark Yoshizumi, drummer Jay Santana, violin player Ethan Adelsman and Sam Johnson of Mucca Pazza and Head of Femur on trumpet. The extended Scotland Yard family is comprised of a who’s-who of the Chicago underground music community, boasting the likes of Sally Timms, Nora O’Connor and Kelly Hogan, who sing backup on the album, and Nate Walcott (Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley), Matt Priest and Megan O’Conner (Canasta), and Brett Whitacre (Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers).

Look at all this press love for the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir:

"You have to love any band that can cram so much great pop into a nine-track disc, and that is exactly what you get from Scotland Yard Gospel Choir ... they can really knock your striped socks off with pop songs that you'll be humming around the halls. Sometimes you're just looking for fun when you pop on an album and really, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir is just that: good, old-fashioned fun." —Three Imaginary Girls

"... each song is a world unto itself, completely different from one another in sound. It’s beautiful record that leaves plenty to ponder even after multiple listens." —New City

"Similar in tonal inflection and style to Nashville’s countrypolitian indie-pop collective Lambchop, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir consolidates its 50-plus roster of musicians while on tour, yet somehow manages to fill the room their soaring choruses and bright acoustics." —New York Metromix

"Impressive and overwhelmingly inspiring. [It] teams with reasons why there was so much anticipation surrounding the chamber pop collective’s emergence beyond the confines of the Windy City a few years back." —PopMatters

"Einhorn’s penchant for colorful self-invention marks him as a taleteller in the David Johansen mode—flaunting his dolled-up style and wise-guy sensibility while wrapping it in grandiloquent, shape-shifting sonics equally fit for the Bowery or Broadway." —Paste

"SYGC balances folk, pop and punk influences, as evidenced by sonic similarities to the likes of Woody Guthrie, Belle and Sebastian and the Clash. The Smiths' gentle, persistent rhythmic beats, sparkling instrumentals, and airy vocals resound time and again throughout the album. But Einhorn's most consistent quality is his fearless candor. Einhorn has the musical know-how to sublimate the roiling emotions of early adulthood into an accessible yet personally authentic work of art. If only we could all claim as much." —UR Chicago

"Paired with the Chicago group's jangling rhythms, sincere singing and infectious melodies, the dark lyrics form an uplifting coming-of-age song cycle that testifies on behalf of faith's restorative power." —Chicago Tribune

"The tracks of principal songwriter, Elia Einhorn, aren’t ditties despite their consistently short length; they’re fully formed stories breathed full of life and heart and emotion, traits increasingly unseen in today’s indie pop. Sonically, and despite utilizing a kitchen sink approach of 19 different musicians, the blissful chamber pop never feels over-stuffed or too crowded with instruments and sounds. Everything and everyone has its place in the world of the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, and the textures created add up to a supremely satisfying (and unnerving and beautiful) finished product." —Gapers Block

"Chicago based singer-guitarist-founder Elia isn't Scottish, he's Welsh, and there's nothing terribly choral about his sonic creations. None of that will matter after the first spin of this sometimes stunning, always solid disc." —No Depression



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