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  1. Stump Grinder
  2. Mean To My Baby
  3. 9 Bar
  4. Broke & Dead
  5. Gary Went to New Orleans
  6. Jailbird Lovesong
  7. EZ Ridin' Grumblers
  8. Break of Day
  9. Stain on a Wall
  10. Push Reel
  11. Keep Your Porchlight Low
  12. St Louie Zoo
  13. I Hate You Gin
  14. SG Blues
  15. Ramblin' Ramblin' Ramblin'
  16. No Lie
  17. Sawin' Logs

Been missing Devil in a Woodpile as much as we have?  Here's your cure...


Bloodshot Drinking Buddies, Devil in a Woodpile Sanctified Grumblers -- "No Lie"

SG 001 2011 $12.00
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Self-released debut CD.

Sanctified Grumblers write and play acoustic music in the vein of the old blues, jug band, and old timey traditions with a sprinkling of New Orleans rhythms. The trio was formed by Chicago musicians Rick Cookin’ Sherry, founder of Devil in a Woodpile and uber-picker Eric Noden. Their music succeeds in the challenge of combining the sounds of music’s pre-electric past with the narration of modern universal themes; tales of love, communication break-downs, and good time grooves.

Between Noden and Sherry, Sanctified Grumblers’ sound is formed from a mesh of finger picking resonator guitar, washboard, harmonica, 6-string banjo, and clarinet. The trio’s third musical leg is alternated between the dog-house bass of Texas ex-patriot Beau Sample and the sousaphone of Mike Hogg.

Special guests include Jim Becker (Califone and Iron & Wine) as well as Jazz drummer/composer Mike Reed. Tom V. Ray ( bassist with Neko Case and Jakob Dylan) plays banjo and uke on the CD and contributed 2 of his own tunes to the project.



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