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A: Fall Out & Fire

B: See

"R. Ring is that perfectly smoky and soft Deal humming over the kind of simple guitar that makes you want to cry forever—in a good way. R. Ring makes your heart swell so hard, it hurts. Maybe I’m being overly dramatic, but I can’t help it. I dare you to not be affected by this song."

Misra Records R. RING --- "Fall Out & Fire" 7" single

MSR 066 2012 $4.95
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The Breeders’ Kelley Deal and Ampline’s Mike Montgomery form R. Ring – an unorthodox rock duo hailing from Dayton, OH and Dayton, KY respectively. Characterized primarily by voices, guitars and keys, R. Ring is sparse, chaotic, abrasive and lulling, often within the same song.

Read all about the band and its formation HERE or HERE and an interview with Kelley HERE. The two-piece was founded largely by happenstance after Montgomery held Deal to a tongue-in-cheek offer to join him onstage in Ohio. What was intended as a one-off performance turned into a working, experimental band.

“Fallout & Fire” highlights Deal’s signature voice in a breathtaking manner. Hailed by Pitchfork, SPIN, Stereogum and more, the track has the trademark of most phenomenal songs – the seemingly simple ability to make time stand still.

“See,” the fuller, more unbridled flipside, finds both Deal and Montgomery on vocals, accompanied by the drumming prowess of professional skateboarder Kristan Svitak. Svitak is a Cleveland, Ohio native and founder of 1031 skateboards. R. Ring recently covered Devo’s “Mr. DNA” for a 1031 skate video.

Appearing on the 45’s cover is a wonderfully detailed (and arguably carnal) orange and banana – the brainchild of Able Projects’ Ali Calis.  Both fruits are then featured individually on either side’s center sticker. In turn, “Fallout & Fire” is referred to as the orange-side and “See” is referred to as the banana-side.

In the end, R. Ring has adopted a “one day at a time” adage in approaching the project. The band is staunch about unrolling things a little at a time and the two-song 7” is telling of this spirit. Alas, with the amount of care, thought and love put into every detail, one can’t help but get excited for what the future holds. One thing is for certain – R. Ring is off to a phenomenal start.



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