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  1. Woke Up Down
  2. Psychopharmacology
  3. Fell Off The Face Of The Earth
  4. Get Out Of My Head
  5. 7th Avenue Static
  6. Car Crash Collaborator
  7. Bad, Bad World
  8. The Man With The Blurry Face
  9. Black Box Recording
  10. She's The Mistake

"Sordid tales collected from the end of smoky bars from around the globe. Enthralling, sinister and audacious"--SPIN

"Firewater creates edgy, somewhat shady rock and roll for the not-so-easily-amused set. The aerobic energy of the title cut, with its hints of madhouse-meets-circus, is a perfect example; do you dare look it directly in the eye, or do you let it reach in and pull out your guts? Equally huge and graceful is "Car Crash Collaboration," a cut that finds frontman Tod A (ex-Cop Shoot Cop) at his most sinewy, like Mick Jagger with a more subtle agenda."

Firewater Psychopharmacology

BS 708 2001 $9.95
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Long out of print Firewater catalog re-released!

"Each one of the first eight tracks on Psychopharmacology is a pureblood home run." --Pitchfork

Psychopharmacology contains the requisite disgruntlement of a Firewater album, and all of angst-ridden underpinnings of testosterone-laced pop. It's impassioned on subjects like the country's increasing reliance on Prozac and related substances ("Psychopharmacology"), and emotionally spiralling on that of establishment ("Woke Up Down"). But it's on songs like "7th Avenue Static," which contains the line "I'm a raging success as a failure" and sounds almost like a slow Pogues tune, and "The Man With the Blurry Face," which describes the criminal proportions anonymity can reach, that best demonstrate Firewater's ability to channel their demons to transcendant effect. Frontman Tod A is joined by Elysian Fields' Jennifer Charles for a flagrant but endearing duet on "Bad, Bad World," and the band is joined on various tracks by a cast of characters that include downtown saxophonist Ori Kaplan and sitar player Oren Bloedow.



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