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Precious Moments

Imagine Johnny Cash's patented boom-chicka-boom played through Dick Dale's amp and delivered with the recklessness of the hey day of De-Troit Rock City.
There's even a haunting little ditty with Neko Case ("Cowhand").

Full Description

This debut CD will blow your doors off. Looking cool as Sinatra in Man With the Golden Arm, The Sadies are one part Ennio Morricone, one part Rolling Stones circa '63, one part Flat Duo Jets, one part Stanley Brothers, one part Los Straightjackets, half-part Stooges, and one part getthehellouttatheway. 

Bluegrass rave-ups, spaghetti western intros, murder ballad classics and garage collisions, there's even a haunting little ditty with Neko Case  ("Cowhand").  Instrumental bursts, spooky vocal numbers and a dizzying spectrum of influences. Many of these songs are Sadies classics.  "Dying is Easy," their punk garage take on the Stanley Brothers "Glass of Wine," murder ballad boogies like "Pretty Polly" and "Little Sadie," and  a song about a rabid monkey.  It's called "Rabid Monkey."  All these songs (and the rest) make this an album of surprising diversity, vision and, well, utterly unique rock and roll.

This skull number was recorded at Electrical Studios with Steve Albini (you know, the Nirvana, Bush and Robbie Fulks guy) at the knobs.


Dying Is Easy
Glass of Wine
LIttle Sadie

Short Description
  • 20 tracks, belted out in less than 37 minutes, there’s barely enough time to catch a breath. Surf, garage rock, Ennio Morricone, rockabilly and murder balladry – Precious Moments has all this and more –there’s even a guest appearance by Neko Case – what more do you want?

    — Penny Black Music
  • Like a classic muscle car with a massive set of steer horns strapped to the hood, the Sadies peel through 20 songs in 40 minutes and leave a rising cloud of dust and tumbleweed in its wake.

    — CMJ New Music
  • With the twin lead guitars of brothers Dallas and Travis Good in front, this Steve Albini production rates as one of the best guitar records of the season.

    — Toronto Sun
  • Knife fights, bitter arguments about nothing and lots of long walks on stormy nights ... And those are just the instrumental tracks.

    — Toronto Star

Track List

  • 1. Guns Speak
  • 2. Dying is Easy
  • 3. Glass of Wine
  • 4. Red Cloth
  • 5. Little Sadie
  • 6. Cheat
  • 7. Cowhand (vocals by Neko Case)
  • 8. Pretty Polly
  • 9. Clam Chowder
  • 10. Seventy-Six (pretend to have the same interests)
  • 11. Wagonwheel
  • 12. Snow Squadron
  • 13. Same Song
  • 14. Wrap Around
  • 15. Tell Her Lies & Feed Her Candy
  • 16. Rubber Bat
  • 17. Clear A Path
  • 18. Rabid Monkey
  • 19. Barbarosa
  • 20. Lil Cottontail


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