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  1. "This is Pee Wee King..."
  2. I Love the Way You Roll Them Eyes at Me
  3. The Reason I'm in Love With You
  4. Ramblin' Blues
  5. I'm Goin' Back to the Middle of the Middle West
  6. One Way Street
  7. I'll Never Love No One But You
  8. You Tried to Ruin My Name
  9. Get Together Polka
  10. Rootin' Tootin' Santa Claus
  11. There's a Moon in the Sky
  12. Slowpoke
  13. Empty Vows
  14. Oh Monah
  15. Blow Out All the Candles
  16. Between You & the Birds & the Bees & Cupid
  17. Western Limited
  18. Brother Drop Dead Boogie
  19. Doghouse Blues
  20. Cowboy Special
  21. Steel Guitar Waltz
  22. 'Tain't What You Want
  23. Hog Wild Too
  24. I Don't Know Why I Should Love You
  25. Postage Due
  26. Subdued Mood
  27. If and When
  28. "We've just about reached the half-way point..."


  1. Fool's Gold
  2. Silver and Gold
  3. Sweetest Little Girl
  4. Darling Don't Cry
  5. Flower of Texas
  6. I Wanna Say Hello [MP3]
  7. Let Me Hold You When You're Blue
  8. Where Oh Where Has My Little Love Gone
  9. I Need a Lot of Lovin'
  10. Where Were You Last Night
  11. I'm Just a Gad-About
  12. Song of the Early Settlers
  13. Take These Shackles From My Heart
  14. The Calendar Song
  15. Don't Apologize to Me
  16. Charleston Alley
  17. Opportunity
  18. Rich in Love
  19. I Can't Feel Those Kisses in Your Letters [MP3]
  20. Mohegas
  21. Tadpole
  22. Your Kisses Aren't Kisses Anymore
  23. Tennessee Tango
  24. Darling, Stop Playing With My Heart
  25. Tears, Tears, Tears
  26. "There's that man with the stopwatch..."

CD out of print.

Available digitally and on old school double cassette only!

Bloodshot Revival Pee Wee King: Country Hoedown

BS 804 1999
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Also available on DOUBLE cassette for only $2.00 here or as part of the Cassette Bargain 3 Pack here.

It's a barn burner, folks!! Pee Wee King's Country Hoedown includes ALL 51 of the tunes Pee Wee, Redd Stewart, and their gang cut for the Standard Transcription Service in 1952. Includes an un-issued version of the 1951 #1 country/pop crossover hit "Slowpoke," plus dozens of other country, western, and pop numbers that'll have you scratching your head wondering why this remarkable performer's work has been long out of print.

In addition to penning "Tennessee Waltz" and over 400 other tunes, King enjoyed a long and varied career as an instrumentalist, bandleader, actor, and businessman. Read all about it in the extensive liner notes by Bill Malone, author of Country Music U.S.A and dean of country historians. Along with exclusive camp-classic artwork from Pee Wee's self-produced film of the same name, Country Hoedown finally gives this unsung country legend his due.

"It's tough to resist music this smart and fast on its feet. [Country Hoedown] begs to be listened to on its own terms, as extremely agreeable dance music from an era when different types of pop and folk were bleeding into one another and dancing was a national pastime... This music is full of surprises." —New York Times



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