Old Town School of Folk Music Songbook Volumes 2 3 two three
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Old Town School of Folk Music Songbook: Volumes Two And Three

A specially priced two CD set

42 folk music classics are given a good going over by notable recording artists and the school’s longtime music instructors, each breathing new life into timeless songs.

Full Description

Let the Folk-a-bration continue! The next two volumes of a four volume series. In a specially priced two CD set, 42 folk music classics are given a good going over by notable recording artists and the school’s longtime music instructors, each breathing new life into timeless songs. And as testament to the durability of these tunes, they stand up to wide variety of genre-busting experiments and instrumental and vocal chicanery.

The songs on The Old Town School of Folk Music Songbook: Volumes Two and Three are, in fact, drawn from the the Old Town School’s Songbook, a collection of ballads, love songs, sea chanties, pop songs, work songs, old-time religious tunes, and lots of other great music that has found its way into the Old Town School curriculum.

The performances on Volumes Two and Three range from the ambient/electro treatment of “Simple Gifts” by Chicago’s The Zincs, to the heart-breakingly spare take on Tom Paxton’s “Last Thing On My Mind” by Kelly Hogan and Scott Ligon. Other artists featured include James Hand, Marvin Etziiono (Lone Justice), Nora O’Connor, Amy Allison (daughter of Mose Allison), The Lost Bayou Ramblers, Foghorn Stringband, and Amy Nelson and Cathy Guthrie (Folk Uke, daughters of Willie Nelson and Arlo Guthrie). A good number of the recordings are by Old Town School instructors— performers themselves with decades of teaching experience. Highlights of their cuts include Cat Edgerton’s “Water Is Wide” and Scott Besaw’s “Nine Pound Hammer”.

A sumptuous, 20-page booklet gives a detailed history of each song, written by Old Town School folklorist (and teacher) Paul Tyler.

Short Description
  • Most of the 42 tracks invite singalongs, making this the ideal soundtrack for your next at-home hootenanny.

  • ... continues the effort of Chicago's venerable academy to record and reinterpret just about every song you could imagine singing around a campfire. And a few that you may not; this is a veritable treasure trove of blues, gospel, Stephen Foster, cowboy classics, sea chanteys, country favorites, work songs and other traditional staples. It's a great deal.

  • The interpretations of these classics are powerful, and this collection presents a nice way to visit eras long-since passed, when life—and music—seemed simpler.

    — Las Vegas City Life
  • Songbook Vol. 2 and 3 is chock-full of renditions of classic songs that are part of the American song DNA that will please many an ear. If this is how good the sequel is, then Volumes 4 & 5 had darn well better be in the works. Highly recommended.

  • 9 out of 10 stars.

    — PopMatters
  • 9 out of 10 stars.

    — PopMatters

Track List

Disc One:

  • 1. South Australia (Tangleweed)
  • 2. Last Thing On My Mind (Kelly Hogan & Scott Ligon)
  • 3. (When Things Go Wrong) It Hurt's Me Too (Ted Parrish)
  • 4. Goin' Down To Cairo (Steve Rosen & Paul Tyler)
  • 5. Red River Valley (Shelley Miller)
  • 6. Simple Gifts (The Zincs)
  • 7. Gypsy Davy (Jimmy Tomasello)
  • 8. Wild Rover (Sunnyside Up)
  • 9. John Henry (Foghorn Stringband)
  • 10. Tell Old Bill (The Glowworms)
  • 11. Colours (Laura Doherty)
  • 12. Dink's Song (Farrell)
  • 13. East Virginia (Lisa DeRosia)
  • 14. Sportin' Life (Mary Peterson)
  • 15. Oh Mary Don't You Weep (Mark Dvorak)
  • 16. Don't You Hear Jerusalem Moan (Marvin Etzioni)
  • 17. I Am A Pilgrim (Nathaniel Braddock)
  • 18. Git Along Little Doggie (Steve Doyle)
  • 19. Lonesome Road (Back Off The Hammer)
  • 20. Cindy (Hump Night Thumpers)
  • 21. When The Saints Go Marchin' In (Lost Bayou Ramblers)

Disc Two:

  • 1. Nine Pound Hammer (Scott Besaw)
  • 2. Hard and It's Hard (Catherine Hall)
  • 3. Down By The Riverside (Eric Noden & Joe Filisko)
  • 4. Corrina Corrina (James Hand)
  • 5. Hard Times (Jacob Sweet)
  • 6. Good News (Eric Lugosch)
  • 7. Trouble In Mind (Lost Bayou Rambler)
  • 8. Shenandoah (Amy Allison)
  • 9. Hard Travelin' (Emily Hurd)
  • 10. New River Train (Clack Mountain String Band)
  • 11. Nine Hundred Miles (Chris Winters)
  • 12. Hobo's Lullaby (Barb Silverman)
  • 13. Careless Love (Chris Walz)
  • 14. Greensleeves (Bill Simmons)
  • 15. Wildwood Flower (Folk Uke)
  • 16. Old Paint (Ted & Marcia Johnson)
  • 17. Water Is Wide (Cat Edgerton)
  • 18. Home On The Range (Nora O'Connor)
  • 19. Shine On, Harvest Moon (Michael Miles)
  • 20. Old Time Religion (Jimmy Tomasello)
  • 21. Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms (Steve Levitt)

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