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Old Town School of Folk Music Songbook: Volume 4

Features Steve Goodman, Andrew Bird, John Prine, among others.

The final installment in an epic series from Old Town School Recordings and Bloodshot Records.

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The final installment in an epic series from Old Town School Recordings and Bloodshot Records.

The songs on The Old Town School of Folk Music Songbook: Volume Four are, in fact, drawn for the Old Town School’s Songbook, a collection of folk chestnuts, political broadsides, frightening and/or uplifting songs of faith, chart-topping pop tunes, and lots of other great music that has found its way into the Old Town School curriculum over the last 50 years.

Old Town School Co-Founder Win Stracke leads off the album with his rendition of “El-A-Noy”, backed by current Old Town School instructor Mark Dvorak, in a recording that spans 40 years. Legendary folk singer/songwriter Tom Paxton gives us the folk favorite “So Long (Its Been Good To Know You)." Andrew Bird (a former Old Town School instructor) delivers a stark and emotion-filled reading of “I Shall Not Be Moved”, surviving Old Town School Co-Founder Frank Hamilton turns in a very traditional version of “Simple Gifts”, and Chicago singer-songwriter Michael Smith delivers what may be the definitive version of his classic song “The Dutchman."

You’ll also hear a never-before-heard live take of Steve Goodman (Old Town School Alumnus) performing what has become an American standard, his own “City of New Orleans”, and John Prine’s (another former Old Town School student) tune “Paradise”, an Old Town School Songbook favorite. Sons of the Never Wrong close the Old Town School of Folk Music Songbook series with “I’ll Fly Away." Listen for Steve Goodman himself singing along during the break.

As with the other volumes, Old Town School Instructor and Folklorist Paul Tyler supplies a detailed history of each song in the liner notes

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Track List

  1. El-A-Noy (Win Stracke)
  2. Scarborough Fair (Mike Austin Band)
  3. So Long (Tom Paxton)
  4. Colorado Trail (Jacob Street)
  5. Stealin' (Devil in a Woodpile)
  6. Angel Band (Rita Ruby)
  7. I Shall Not Be Moved (Andrew Bird)
  8. Lay Me Down A Pallet (Casey Dreissen)
  9. This Train (Steve Dawson)
  10. Welcome Table (Bill Brickey and Sue Demel)
  11. Simple Gifts (Frank Hamilton)
  12. Pay Me My Money Down (Freeze Dried)
  13. The Dutchman (Michael Smith)
  14. City of New Orleans (Steve Goodman)
  15. Done Laid Around (The Astronomer)
  16. Rivers of Babylon (Typhanie Monique)
  17. Smokey Mountains (Barb Barrow)
  18. Paradise (John Prine)
  19. 12 Gates (Ed Holstein)
  20. I'll Fly Away (Sons of the Never Wrong)


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