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OK, I'm Sorry... CD-EP

Features a cover of the 70's feel good, groovy hippie singalong "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing"

A budget-priced EP that includes two enhanced video tracks recorded live in Chicago. You can play them in your computer and actually SEE the love.

Full Description

Here's a budget-priced sampler of delicious music. OK, I'm Sorry... recasts some of the best songs off the Young Criminals Starvation League album in a live setting (there's even one stripped down version of "I'll Be Around" that shows you the soul at the center of his songwriting), and introduces you to some new songs which are bound to cement your opinion of Bobby Bare Jr as one of the most versatile performers plying the trade.

This taut little platter alternately rocks, makes you hum, makes you smile, and makes you want to smash your radio.


Short Description
  • One of the best commercially undiscovered artists on the leftbank of Americana. Ranging from raucous, to emotionally intense, it comes with a wonderfully twisted streak of humor.

    — London Independent
  • Bare and his mates place a premium on fun over technical whiz-bangs and potential chart top-ability, and the raw economical OK, I'm Sorry... slams this refreshing attitude home--and then some.

    — Riverfront Times
  • One can only hope the video and audio tracks succeed in introducing more listeners to the music of Bobby Bare, Jr., a talent unapologetically idiosyncratic--and similarly recommended.

    — Playback St. Louis

Track List

  • 1. I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing
  • 2. Flat Chested Girl from Maynardville [Live]
  • 3. I'll Be Around [Live]
  • 4. Pinky
  • 5. Valentine [Live]
  • 6. Mother Ucker
  • 7. True Story
  • 8. I'll Be Around [Demo Version]
  • 9. Valentine [Video Track]
  • 10. I'll Be Around [Video Track]



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