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Not So Loud: An Acoustic Evening With...

Recorded live in an acoustic setting at a 19th century schoolhouse in their home base of St. Louis

Clarifies what fans have long known, that there is more to the band’s enduring appeal than riffs and volume, there is the strength of, and in, their songwriting and stories.

Full Description

Not So Loud, recorded in an acoustic setting at a 19th century schoolhouse in their home base of St. Louis, reveals a body of work steeped in the history of, and fitting easily into, the finest traditions of American folk music. It is a dimension of the Bottle Rockets easily overlooked when you’re getting caught up in their riffs that tap so easily into our musical DNA, but it is an entirely fresh inroad to the strengths in their songwriting and musicianship.

Pulling from all eras of their acclaimed catalog, including classics from seminal albums long out of print, Not So Loud re-casts Bottle Rockets’ songs with lyrical and rhythmic nuances that will surprise both longtime fans and those who might have dismissed them as “just another bar band.” The band’s lyrics, which flow between the sharp and the sympathetic, shine in this new environment. The hard-luck populism of “Lucky Break” and “Kerosene” would not be out of place on Springsteen’s Nebraska, and “Smokin’ 100’s Alone” sounds like it could have been kicking around Kristofferson’s pad in his ‘70’s heyday. The stripped down sound heightens the poignancy of songs like “Mom & Dad” and the Doug Sahm cover “I Don’t Want To Go Home.” “1000 Dollar Car,” one of their signature tunes that usually packs a Crazy Horse-inflected sonic wallop, lopes up to the back porch yet keeps the inherent disgust and gallows humor intact. “Kit Kat Clock,” from their essential 24 Hours A Dayalbum, recalls a lazy summer afternoon, but with a sadness easily missed in the rave up original.

Throw in Brian Henneman’s engaging and sometimes very personal banter between songs, and Not So Loud becomes a genuinely intimate affair. And for those who think unplugged albums are staid, mellow affairs, we submit that the banjo-fired throwdown of “Rural Route,” even without electricity, raises a serious racket befitting their rock and roll lineage.

With a lineup that has solidified over the past few albums (2006’s Zoysia and 2009’s Lean Forward), featuring original members Brian and drummer Mark Ortmann, with guitarist John Horton and bassist Keith Voegele, the band may have turned down for this album, but they aren’t slowing down. The recording of Not So Loud took place at the Lucas School House in the historic Soulard district of St. Louis and, over the course of two nights, allowed the band a rare opportunity to re-visit and reimagine songs that have grown dear to Rockets fans over the years.


Short Description
  • Fans get a chance to really hear and learn these songs. An absolute gem of an album.

    — Elmore Magazine
  • Catches the wisdom, humor and genuine emotion behind some of the BoRox songs, [and] a different and more complete appreciation of the band’s accomplishments over the last couple decades emerges.

    — St Louis Magazine
  • A skilled raconteur, Henneman presides over the evening like a gregarious talk show host [and] despite the toning down of the sound, the songs lose little of their trademark live power.

    — Glide Magazine
  • The band proves just as potent in this unfamiliar setting...a great addition to their already rich catalogue.

    — Exclaim
  • Over the course of the 13 cuts The Bottle Rockets turn in a performance that'll kick your butt, spin your head around, and make you think, wince, and maybe even sigh _ without a single red-hot amp tube or speaker cone threatening to puke its guts out.


Track List

  • 1. Early In The Morning
  • 2. Gravity Fails
  • 3. Lucky Break
  • 4. Perfect Far Away
  • 5. One Of You
  • 6. I Don't Want To Go Home
  • 7. 1000 Dollar Car
  • 8. Kit Kat Clock
  • 9. Smokin' 100's Alone
  • 10. Turn For The Worse
  • 11. Rural Route
  • 12. Kerosene
  • 13. Mom & Dad


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