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  1. Full Moon Show
  2. Carolina Bound [MP3]
  3. Scandal of the Century
  4. Here Comes That Train Again
  5. Can You Hear Me
  6. Home Sick Home [MP3]
  7. Sleeping in the Bayou
  8. My Life Story
  9. Don't Bother to Cry
  10. Flowers
  11. Don't Die While I'm Alive

"Theirs is a vital, contemporary brand of roots-rock, a mixture of punk aggression, country sentimentality and a highly original songwriting sensibility…On songs like "Don't Die While I'm Alive" the Angels show off the winning combination of country's dark fatalism and rock & roll's barbed, irreverent humor that is their chief asset."

"This one comes out swinging and swaggering right from song one...full of rock ‘n’ roll gee-tars and the brawling voice of Earl C. Whitehead." --No Depression


Grievous Angels New City of Sin

BS 020 1997 $5.95
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Galloping out of the stifling Arizona sun, the debut full-length CD from Grievous Angels delivers 11 songs packed with sand, sweat, rattlesnake scars, and, dare we say, cojones. This gutsy little package carves out a sound that befits their geographic location -- the desert turned city, smack dab between Bakersfield and Texas.

On New City of Sin, you'll find the foundations of classic Texas honky-tonk (only hopped up on steroids and tequila), the romping guitar runs of the Bakersfield masters like Merle and Buck, some Stonesy wooziness, and, just for local flavor, the been-sittin'-in-the-car-too-long-with-the-windows-up distortion fueled wallop of the Meat Puppets. Add to that the secret weapon of Jon Rauhouse on pedal steel (equal parts swoon and swashbuckle), and mister, what you've got is pure honky-skronk heaven. Features 5th gear covers of country punk progenitors the Long Ryders ("Here Comes That Train") and bluegrass/old-time icon Hazel Dickens ("Don't Bother To Cry").

Oh, it's got a hidden track too, remember those?  Hint: it's a Sex Pistols song.....



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