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Nashville, The Other Side of the Alley

Unaffected, unpretentious, unvarnished, un-sanitized, and, most importantly, un-Nashville-ized cuts from right beneath the noses of the Towers of Doom (i.e. Music Row)

Full Description

Sure, the very name "Nashville" has become synonymous with the putrefaction and commodification of a rich tradition of folk artistry, but we still chose to go straight to the enemy's own backyard and dig up some fine tunes they unwittingly forgot to destroy.

As it says in the liner notes: "Overlooked by many and resented only by those who require an unnaturally manicured environment." There's good stuff down there, it just took us foolish Davids to take on this Goliath.

Nashville, The Other Side of the Alley features unaffected, unpretentious, unvarnished, un-sanitized, and, most importantly, un-Nashville-ized cuts from Tim Carroll (ex-Blue Chieftans), Phil Lee (the potentate of haulin' freight), Hayseed, Jason and the ScorchersLambchopDan Baird (you know, from The Georgia Satellites and  The Yayhoos), Mekons drinkin' buddy Lonesome Bob, Greg Garing, Paul Burch, and Courtesy Move (members of Wilco). Sure to flip a couple 'o' Nashville toupees. 

Jon Langford continues his tradition of cryptic artwork.

So, if you're sick of Bro Country or pin up models singing pitch corrected treacle in the name of "country," this collection is for you.

The company town is STILL not ready for music as close to the ground as this.

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Track List

  • 1. The Hank Williams Memorial Myth (Tom House)
  • 2. Open Flame (Tim Carroll)
  • 3. Daddy's Jail (Phil Lee & the Sly Dogs)
  • 4. Your Red Wagon (Paul Burch)
  • 5. Roy (R.B. Morris)
  • 6. God-Shaped Hole (Hayseed)
  • 7. Hillbilly Train (Sonny George & the Tennessee Boys)
  • 8. One Last Quesiton (Jason & the Scorchers)
  • 9. Cocktail Napkin (Duane Jarvis)
  • 10. Whitey (Lambchop)
  • 11. Cole Durhew (Tom House)
  • 12. Try it Again (Royann Calvin)
  • 13. Lonely at the Top (Dan Baird)
  • 14. Safe Within Your Arms (Greg Garing)
  • 15. Rise and Shine (Kristi Rose & the Handsome Strangers)
  • 16. The Plans We Made (Lonesome Bob)
  • 17. No Ammunition (Gwil Owen)
  • 18. Those I'll Provide (Courtesy Move)

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