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  1. Monkey Rag
  2. Antifreeze
  3. Breathin'
  4. Whatever
  5. Mountain Town
  6. Wingless Angels
  7. Smile
  8. Wammo's Blues
  9. Insane Asylum
  10. The Minor Waltz
  11. No Song Sad Enough
  12. My Favorite Record

"Armed with the best brace of originals in their career, Austin's acoustic iconoclasts make a record that moves them far beyond anything so restrictive as 'genre'." —Texas Music Magazine

Asylum Street Spankers My Favorite Record

BS 703 2002


The Spankers' fifth full-length release is music about loving music. Declaring that the best music is funny, joyful, moving and adventurous, the world's greatest all-acoustic band loaded the album with musical and lyrical references to their favorite records.

Through a startling variety of styles and forms, the Spankers embed every detail with their singular mix of wit, musicianship and deep affection for music of all kinds.

It also features our favorite song EVER ("Whatever") about a guy who will do ANYTHING to get the girl. And it mentions Camus. Quite a feat.



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