Yawpers Mon Dieu Ace of Spaces 7 inch single album art
| BS 257

Mon Dieu / Ace of Spades (7" Single)


Includes digital download of each track

Limited edition 7" single featuring "Mon Dieu" from forthcoming album Boy in a Well and a thrilling, chaotic cover of Motörhead's iconic anthem "Ace of Spades"

Limited to 1000 copies



Imagine the Dead Kennedys three decades on. Fiery cosmic psychobilly and retro R&B/garage tones. Sacrebleu!

Full Description

Side A is the kinetic “Mon Dieu,” from The Yawpers' album Boy in a Well. Imagine the Dead Kennedys three decades on after a bender at Graceland. Fiery cosmic psychobilly and retro R&B/garage tones. Sacre bleu!

Side B is one of The Yawpers' live show calling cards — their chaotic, menacing version of the British metal crown jewel "Ace of Spades." We've seen them play this one in dingy Chicago clubs and in front yards in Austin TX, and every single time, heads roll. 

Short Description

Track List

  1. Mon Dieu
  2. Ace of Spades