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  1. Radio China
  2. Mostly Hulosi
  3. Tibetans Vs. Dirty Girl
  4. China MC Brothers Vs. Martin Atkins
  5. Yellow Cab [MP3]
  6. Beijing Taxi
  7. Fortune Cookie
  8. Pink 7
  9. DJ Wordy Vs. Martin Atkins
  10. Re: Load - The Return of the Notorius China MC Brothers Vs. Martin
  11. Hand Drum


Invisible China Martin Atkins' China Dub Soundsystem: Made in China

IRC 601 2007 $5.00
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Made In China is an incredible collision of traditional instrumentation and post-punk, dub and experimentation. Recording the elements separately, and waiting to mix and match them together after returning to his Mattress Factory Studios in Chicago, Martin Atkins was able to keep the performances on both sides uncontaminated by any expectations of the final result. The finished album is probably the most creative and effective musical collaboration that Atkins has spearheaded since Gub by Pigface, Atkins' long-running musical collective.

"It’s a fascinating artifact of [Martin's] time in China." —Chicago Reader

"A fascinating mix of traditional and new Chinese sounds." —Gapers Block

"A tornado of wild experimentation, post-punk, dub and traditional instrumentation that's about as original and fresh as anything out there right now." —Goldmine Magazine



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