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Making Singles, Drinking Doubles

Who woulda thunk that most of these singles would sell out?

Tracks from many of our long out of print singles and EPs, as well as some totally unreleased dandies from the likes of Neko Case, Ryan Adams and the infamous Madonna Trilogy

Full Description

To celebrate the improbable occasion of our 100th release, we culled tracks from many of our long out of print singles and EPs, as well as some totally unreleased dandies, and brought them together for this collection. 

All the Bloodshot eras are covered here, from the early days working on our cluttered dining room table to the heady times of phoning all the work in from our private Caribbean island. Check out the early days of Neko Case, the Waco Brothers; some unreleased "Heartbreaker" era Ryan Adams, and even some Andre Williams action featuringJack White (White Stripes) playing in his band.

In addition to some ripping originals, there are also some rollicking covers of songs by such country powerhouses asJimmy Cliff, P-Funk, Loretta Lynn, Poison, Freddy Fender, Madonna, XTC, and Hank Williams.

Sure, we know it's the 21st Century; there's no room for the vinyl fetishists anymore. We hope you enjoy the convenience of having all this fab music on cold, impersonal disc so you don't have to get off your fancy couch every three minutes or so to flip over an antiquated audio relic.

Short Description
  • The collection comes highly recommended, either as an introduction to Bloodshot's terrific catalog or as a nice summary for those already initiated to their stellar brand of insurgent country.

    — Dusted
  • What comes across the most on these tracks is the sheer fun and joy that a lot of these acts had making music…This compilation marks a milestone, but it also gives something by giving most listeners a ton of good stuff they’ve probably never heard. If only more compilations took that approach.

    — PopMatters
  • This singles comp demonstrates why Chicago-based Bloodshot is the most vital label working beyond the fringe. A-

    — Entertainment Weekly
  • As an aural overview of Bloodshot's brief but busy history, it may be the world's first danceable biography.

  • As an aural overview of Bloodshot's brief but busy history, it may be the world's first danceable biography.


Track List

  • 1. The Harder They Come (Waco Brothers)
  • 2. 1,000,001 (Kelly Hogan)
  • 3. Goodbye Honey (Ryan Adams)
  • 4. Lily White Mama & Jet Black Daddy (Andre Williams & 2 Star Tabernacle)
  • 5. Complicated Games (Moonshine Willy)
  • 6. The Madonna Trilogy (The Meat Purveyors)
  • 7. Rated X (Neko Case & the Sadies)
  • 8. Every Rose Has its Thorn (Rex Hobart & the Misery Boys)
  • 9. Little Sadie (The Sadies)
  • 10. George Set Me Strait (Moonshine Willy)
  • 11. Maggot Brain, Parts 1 & 2 (The Volebeats)
  • 12. Hanky Panky Woman (Kelly Hogan)
  • 13. To Be Young [acoustic version] (Ryan Adams)
  • 14. Wasted Days and Wasted Nights (Rex Hobart & the Misery Boys)
  • 15. It's Only Make Believe (Kelly Hogan & John Wesley Harding)
  • 16. Ramblin' Man (Andre Williams & 2 Star Tabernacle)
  • 17. Alone (Moonshine Willy)
  • 18. Nashville Radio (Jon Langford)


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