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  1. Close Your Cold Eyes (Snapline) [MP3]
  2. JaiJung (China MC Brothers)
  3. Mario And Peaches (Caffe In)
  4. Storm Eyes (PK14)
  5. Yellow Cab (China Dub Soundsystem)
  6. Dang (Joyside)
  7. Take Me Home (TooKoo)
  8. What More (Subs)
  9. ShangHai (Hang On The Box)
  10. Song 5 (White)
  11. Love of Sun (Ruins)
  12. Nasty (The Scoff)
  13. Fight Your Apathy (Demerit)
  14. Hold The Line (Queen Sea Big Shark)
  15. Light (Honey Gun)
  16. Chian (Voodoo KungFu)
  17. Panda (Carsick Cars) [MP3]
  18. We Just Free (Rococo)

Invisible China Look Directly Into The Sun: China Pop 2007

IRC 600 2007 $5.00
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"Look Directly Into the Sun makes me wonder if a Chinese Invasion is imminent." —Chicago Reader

"Four Stars" —MOJO

Look Directly Into The Sun: China Pop 2007 features 18 Beijing pop, punk and rock bands. Members of Snapline, China MC Brothers and Carsick Cars are heavily featured on Made in China, Martin Atkin's China Dub Soundsystem album as well. Carsick Cars have opened for Sonic Youth in Vienna, Prague and London. The Scoff, PK-14 and Joyside have opened for Nine Inch Nails at the Beijing Pop Festival. This compilation features the bands that will be front and center in the emergence of the Beijing underground beyond China.

"On one stunning disc, post-punk polymath Martin Atkins compiles 18 Beijing pop, punk and rock bands he discovered in China last year." —Newsweek

“Venture into a city to record unsigned bands, and what you get is a whole lot of nothing in no particular order. Don't assume this one is different because the talent scout is PiL drummer Martin Atkins — who is also, after all, Pigface major-domo Martin Atkins. The reason is the city: Beijing, 15 million strong, a hub of the kind of thrilling, contradictory upward mobility that gets kids rocking. Most of the songs are by English-singing guys with guitars whom we'll call garage punk because that can mean almost anything cheap and catchy. Lament the three-song dip toward gothy sludge near the end. But get off on Hang on the Box's kiddie-femme "Shanghai," TooKoo's pushy "Take Me Home," Demerit's bish-bashing "Fight Your Apathy," even Snapline's pop-goth opener, "Close Your Cold Eyes." These eighteen bands are too excited to explore their contradictions yet. But that too will come" —Robert Christgau, Rolling Stone

"Look Directly Into The Sun... is one of those increasingly rare rock surprises--a collection with enough wit, sass, and smart noise to belong with the post punk classics of 25 years ago." —NPR'S Fresh Air

"Someday soon, when China rules the world and we all speak Mandarin, you can say you were into the China MC Brothers and Ruins way before they were. This 18-track compilation of Chinese pop, punk, and hip hop makes for one rocking souvenir." —Wired Magazine

"Bopping from punk to pop, Look Directly into the Sun proves that Beijing rockers haven't just been keeping an eye on Western music, they've been keeping up." —Aversion

"This collection is a fascinating window on a musical subculture that too few Westerners will ever get to experience." —All Music Guide

"...these 18-tracks are a promising peek at a vibrant music scene that, honestly, the rest of the rock world is in dire need of finding." —Crawdaddy



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