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1. Mexicali Baby
2. If You Love Me
3. Lookout
4. People, Places and Things
5. Blues That Defy My Soul
6. Curse of the Little Bastard
7. Homicide
8. Is It Too Late


1. Dark Night
2. Lover's Gold
3. Cigarette Party
4. Brazil
5. Love Letters
6. The Wind Did Move
7. Grey Skies

Limited edition LP recording of DRD's live in-store at Third Man Records.


Dex Romweber Duo Live at Third Man

TMR 035 2010 $13.95

In February 2010, the dynamic Dex Romweber Duo played a smash instore at Jack White's Third Man Records in Nashville for 250+ excited fans. No less than country legend Charlie Louvin amongst the throng.

Mr. White Stripes/Raconteurs/Dead Weather himself kicked things off with an introduction and fiesty acoustic rendition of "You Don't Love Me  Anymore" from Dex's Flat Duo Jets days (check out the original on the classic 1993 FDJ platter, "White Trees...." It could not possibly come with a higher recommendation.)

Their as-always explosive performance has been nigh-instantaneously pressed up on wax and ready for sale (ain't technology grand?). These are LIMITED LPs—and the debut of Third Man's "Live at Third Man" series—get yrs today!