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Side A:
Sonido Amoazonico
Electric City
Three-Legged Dog
Woke Up Down
Dead Man's Boots
Ex-Millionaire Mambo

Side B:
So Long Superman
Dark Days Indeed
Bourbon and Division
A Song Called Horse
This Is My Life


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Firewater Live In Portland


To celebrate the release of International Orange, Tod A and his band of merry men converged on the US, from all corners of the globe, in early September 2012, to begin their “circumference” record release tour.

With just a handful of shows remaining on their lengthy, clock-wise drive around the country, Firewater landed in the welcoming town of Portland, for what would prove to be one of the most frenzied gigs of the tour.  Pulling up to the landmark Doug Fir, with a long line of loyal fans waiting for them at the door, the band knew it was going to be a special night.  From the first shimmering strum, the air in the knotty pine paneled room was electric. By night’s end, half of the sold out room was on stage with the band; dancing alongside them, singing along with them, and reveling in their triumphant return. Firewater embraced the crowd, and the room returned the favor.

It was a sweaty, exuberant and magical night, for band and fans alike, and one that will not be soon forgotten, by those lucky enough to witness it. Fortunately, the fine folks at Portland radio’s Session From the Box were there to capture it. Delivering songs from across their storied career, Firewater commanded the stage that night, as only they can.  They are at their best, when playing live, and this is the first ever document of such a performance.



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