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1. You Never Lost the Sunshine
2. Inside the Whale
3. Uncomplicated
4. Tell Me You Love Me
5. Hank Williams Must Die
6. Save the Bones For Henry Jones
7. The Sounds from Next Door
8. The Pitchers Gave Up
9. Having a Party
10. Amanda Morning
11. The Only Love
12. Half Past France
13. Streets of Your Town
14. Mr October
15. Holding on to Life

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1 hour in length

Jon Langford, The Silos Live At The Hideout

BS 912 2010
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On a lazy July evening in the summer of 2009 at Bloodshot's clubhouse, the Hideout,
American music trailblazer Walter Salas-Humara (Silos, I'm Not Jim) and punk rock progenitor Jon Langford teamed up to host a party.  Well, they came to put on a show, but it turned out to be a celebration of their art.

This would be the first of it's kind: a joint art show featuring paintings from each of these two fine artists, as well as a musical collaboration between these two masterminds who had yet to ever perform together. There was alchemy in the air, and it was channeled with the help of Jim Elkington (another visionary, who has
blazed his own trails with the Zincs, Horse's Ha, Skull Orchard), and those who were there could feel it.

Only in Chicago could you have two true musical icons playing with and for each other on stage - their mutual respect, musical abandon and joy plainly evident - on a Monday! The results were captured and distilled, and have now been made available through this exclusive Amazon release. The influence of these two artists is far reaching, and this release is one of a kind. Come join the party!