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For A Life of Sin: Insurgent Chicago Country

Where it all began. Our first release. 17 tracks of Chicago's own roots-rockin'est shit-kickin'est artists setting the template.

Full Description

Tracks from Moonshine Willy, Jon Langford (in his first Bloodshot incarnation), Swollen Spleens, Freakwater, Wink O'Bannon, Robbie Fulks, two from the deans of Chicago country music, The Sundowners (including the 1950's barn-burner "Rockin' Spot"--originally recorded for Chess Records and lovingly re-mastered here), The Texas Rubies, Bottle RocketsThe Handsome Family (their first recording), The New Duncan Imperials, The Riptones, and more.

Disturbing cover art by Jon Langford.

Short Description
  • A mighty strong statement from the other side of country... music that would be equally at home in a country honky tonk or an urban punk bar.

    — Chicago Southtown
  • A raw and vital collection that will shake up any rocker's idea of what country is, and what it might become.

    — St. Louis Riverfront Times
  • Guaranteed to put your party into riotous overdrive... The best.

    — Detroit Metro Times

Track List

  • 1. Way Out West (Moonshine Willy)
  • 2. Over the Cliff [covered by the Old 97's] (Jon Langford)
  • 3. Tragic Woman (Swollen Spleens)
  • 4. Drunk Friend (Freakwater)
  • 5. Cry Baby (Wink O'Bannon)
  • 6. Cigarette State (Robbie Fulks)
  • 7. Rockin' Spot (The Sundowners)
  • 8. That Truck (Texas Rubies)
  • 9. Doghouse (Church Key)
  • 10. Every Kinda Everything (Bottle Rockets)
  • 11. Moving Furniture Around (The Handsome Family)
  • 12. If She Wasn't On Blocks (New Duncan Imperials)
  • 13. Flannel Boogie (The Flannel Tubs)
  • 14. Suburbia (The Riptones)
  • 15. Sucker for a Trucker (Milly & the Sequins)
  • 16. Hole in the Ground (Iggy Yoakam & his Famous Pogo Ponies)
  • 17. You Don't Know What Lonesome Is (The Sundowners)


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