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1.  A Man Needs Love
2.  Cold, Lonely And Blue
3.  Ain’t Much Left (Of This Heart Of Mine)
4.  Lonesome Settled In
5.  Goodbye And So Long To You
6.  Another Year
7.  Bear Creek
8.  Dirt On my Hands
9.  Poor Little Rich Boy
10. The Wind

"Peters's passion for Americana in all its forms—heartbreakin' hard-drinkin' honky-tonk country most of all—comes through in every note. His voice is affable and smooth, and he knows just when to let it break." --Chicago Reader

Bloodshot Drinking Buddies LAWRENCE PETERS OUTFIT --- "What You Been Missin'"

LPO 01 2012 $10.95


The debut album from The Lawrence Peters Outfit is influenced by generations of country music tradition, with debts owed to Webb Pierce, Jimmy Martin, Hank Williams Sr., Harlan Howard, Dwight Yoakam and Ola Belle Reed. The album was recorded to 2-inch tape at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio. This is hardcore country, my friends.

Lawrence Peters formed The Outfit in 2007, after more than twenty years as a sideman and featured performer in all manner of country, pop and rock bands. Check out his honey smooth vocals (in his former Ground Speed) on his duet with Nora O'Connor on our Knitters Tribute album. He stepped to the front for this project to focus on his songwriting and his love of honky tonk, bluegrass, and Appalachian musical styles, and country song craft. The band includes lead guitarist Matt Gandurski, rhythm guitarist John Hasbrouck, and upright bassist Josh Piet.

It's also got guest appearances by Robbie Fulks, Kelly Hogan, and Nora O'Connor. That's some heady company and just a small indication of the high esteem LP's talents are held in around Chicago.

The Lawrence Peters Outfit plays regularly in Chicago, to fans of the honest, deep-rooted kind of country music that has become so hard to come by.

Check out his website for more info and up to date performance schedule, or just say hi to him when he's slinging drinks at the Hideout.



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