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To The Last Dead Cowboy

Debut CD: A perfect excuse to raise your glass and curse your boss. Pick it up and yell along, because, like us, you're mad as hell and you're not gonna take it anymore!!!

Full Description

In between playing for tips and beer as the sometimes house bands for the long shuttered Augenblick and the venerable Rainbo Lounge, the Wacos pulled together enough tunes to make a record.

With the release of their DEBUT album, the line in the sand was drawn and time to round up the ignorant and the ignoble. Hard Country's fiercest line-up--Jon Langford  (Mekons), Dean Schlabowske (Wreck, Dollar Store), Tom Ray (The Bottle Rockets, Neko Case), Steve Goulding (Mekons, Poi Dog Pondering, Graham Parker), and Tracy Dear (The World's Greatest Living Englishman)-- forged 14 songs designed to make any last stand one helluva party. 

But for all their rousing of the rabble, the Wacos have, ahem, a tender side as well.  Their cover of the Bedlam Rovers "Bully" is spare and lovely and Jon's duet with Jane Baxter Miller on "Lake of Vinegar" reminds one of the Music Row duets they used to make.

Features such now famous manifestos as "Plenty Tough, Union Made," and "Too Sweet To Die." Pick it up and yell along, because, like us, you're mad as hell and you're not gonna take it anymore!!!


Plenty Tough Union Made
Harm's Way
Too Sweet To Die
To the Last Dead Cowboy

Short Description
  • The real deal: songs about death, alcohol and heartache mostly influenced by the original gangsta rapper himself, Hank Williams. (Senior, that is.)

    — No Depression
  • The Waco Brothers play 'hard country,' which seems to mean country rock without the slightest influence from the Eagles... They do particularly well describing how alcohol can help with crushed aspirations.

    — Playboy
  • Mutant country-rock that's somewhere between a lark and a lost cause. The Wacos are capable of music more sincere and moving than they'll ever get credit for... A heart-breaker like 'If You Don't Change Your Mind' has the makings of a honky-tonk classic.

    — Option
  • Any true Mekons fan will recognize Jon Langford's bloke bluster and speed-twang guitar runs poking out of this outfit...Redneck roots for rootsy old reds.

    — SPIN

Track List

  • 1. Geronimo
  • 2. Plenty Tough--Union Made
  • 3. Harm's Way
  • 4. Bully
  • 5. If You Don't Change Your Mind
  • 6. Lake of Vinegar
  • 7. Too Sweet to Die
  • 8. Sometimes I Wonder
  • 9. To The Last Dead Cowboy
  • 10. K.T. Tennessee
  • 11. Whisperin' in My Ear
  • 12. Bad Times (Are Comin' Round Again)
  • 13. Red Door
  • 14. $ Bill the Cowboy


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